Fishtec/PSM/Celtic League Team results Round 3

The third Fishtec League match turned out to be tougher than expect, near perfect conditions from the off quickly deteriorated with bright sunshine and 15mph winds quickly setting in. Many anglers struggled from the off until the weather broke and cloud cover made its way in at around 3pm. Fish started to rise and flies in or on the surface were what most anglers fished.

Team Results and overall position so far:

Top team of the day, Snatchers, caught an impressive 60+ fish to secure 54 place points. (see column ‘comp 3‘). Fish are now more spread out on the lake and can be found further and further from the shore each day as fish travel across the lake in search of food. Top anglers on the day all fished Airflo Sixth Sense intermediate lines in a range of densities with many angler catching on the new Mid-Glass. Boobies and blobs seemed to provoke most action, with a few anglers taking fish on dry flies later on in the day.

Fishtec/PSM/Celtic Individual results Comp 3

Round three of the Fishtec League match was fished at Llandegfedd reservoir 17th June 2012. Another tough day saw many anglers struggle to make it above 6 fish, conditions early on in the day didn’t play in the favour of anglers with bright sunshine and strong winds making things difficult. Such conditions put older, feeding fish off and most anglers attention turn to stockies, fish which have recently been introduced into the lake and are not so sceptical to weather changes.

Individual results match 3

Overall results so far from three matches:

Top rod on the day was Airflo’s Online Marketing Manager, Kieron Jenkins, taking 22 fish using an Airflo Sixth Sense Intermediate lines.  Kieron said “The slow intermediate line I was using helped me present the flies in the fishes favoured feeding zone. My long leader meant that I could keep the three flies below, but close to the surface with a slow retrieve, just where the fish were feeding. When the sun came out I switched to the 40+ fast intermediate fly line which in hindsight wasn’t the right way to go, I felt the flies still dropped below the fish. My best fly for the day was a tequila blob, tied with ‘Original Vampire fritz‘ to keep things colourful, but slim”.