Cwm Hedd Fly Fishing Report Decemeber

Cwm Hedd Fly Fishing Report December 2014

Opening hours:
Monday and Tuesday: closed
Christmas Eve 8am-2pm
Christmas Day: closed;
Boxing Day (comp), plus Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm. Gates closed at 4.15

Merry Christmas everyone

Brown trout in the Christmas stocking!

Five beautiful brown trout 5-6lbs each were included with the quality rainbows delivered by Exmoor Fisheries on Friday. All brown trout must be returned so it is essential that anglers use only barbless hooks at all times.

Boxing Day comp: just a few places left for those who want to enter on the day, but it will be first come-first served. The Christmas raffle will also be drawn on Boxing Day at 2pm (£1 per ticket). Prizes include a fishing bag kindly donated by Mike James, a bottle of Vodka donated by Terry Griffiths, a Greys GX500 reel, flies, fly box, priest etc supplied by Garry Evans Tackle

Arrive for the comp any time between 8am and 11am. £20 entry includes bacon sandwich, tea/coffee/cake.   Release up to ten fish and take one out of the ten. The four anglers with the heaviest fish will each win a Cwm Hedd day ticket (one prize per entry).

How’s it fishing this week?

Some horrible weather kept all but the most determined away on a few days, with Thursday and Sunday being particularly unpleasant days. Over the week, on a variety of flies such as a black spider, muddler, damsel, white zonker, cats whisker, diawl bach, black and green, black and silver lure, Ron Shottle, Kevin Probert, Huw John, Justin Williams Gareth Neale, Graham Davies, Paul Elsworthy, Wayne Evans and John Russell all took a fish each.

Over two visits Mike James took two and returned five on a cruncher and a floating line; also over two visits Roger Martyn took two and returned 11 on a black hopper, a damsel and a white zonker; Gareth West took one and returned two on a damsel and a white zonker, Ken Bowring took one and returned eight on a black pennal and a damsel using an intermediate and a sink-tip line; Keith Higgins took one and returned two on a cats whisker and an intermediate. Christian Jones was one of the few who braved the weather on Sunday, taking one and releasing one on a white minky using an intermediate and a floating line.

On a midge tip line and a black nymph, Alan Powell took one and returned four, which he thought were all between 3 and four pounds; Matthew Russell took one and returned eight on a damsel and a blob using an Airflo Forty Plus Fly Line, while son Callum, also on an Airflo 40+ took one and returned one on a damsel and a sunburst blob. Lee Ashcroft and Steve Mogg each took one and returned seven. Luke Thomas took one and returned four. Tony Horrocks took a lovely brace on a cats whisker and an intermediate line.

Biggest fish of the week

Using a floating line, Ken Pascoe took a cracking fish weighing 5lbs 8 and half ounces, releasing another two on a grey hopper and an emerging buzzer.       email:

Tel: 01633 896854 (lodge during opening hours); 07813 143 034 (any time/day before 6pm)

Thank you for your support and good humour which are always appreciated. Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Airflo Kelly Golloup Fly Lines

Who is Kelly Galloup?

Kelly’s deep affection for fly fishing began at age 13, started guiding at 16, and currently owns/operates the legendary Galloup’s Slide Inn on the banks of the Madison river. Author of multiple books, host of several TV and DVD productions, and with over 50 streamer patterns in commercial production worldwide, Kelly has spent much of his career helping others become more productive on the water.

Kelly’s unique (and productive) method of targeting aggressive, carnivorous trout changed the way many of us fish for these bronze beasts. Over the course of his career Kelly has refined tactics and gear to improve his chances of bringing these burly toads to hand. One thing’s for sure: nothing beats experience. To be successful, you’ve got to have the right gear. Whelp, you’re in luck…

Here’s what Kelly has to say:

The decision for me to move to Airflo was  a simple one. My fishing is NOT casual. It’s an intense hunt got the biggest bad-ass predator that swims, and I want the very best product and technology in everything I use. Simply put, that’s why Airflo delivers.

The performance and durability of these fly lines are superior to any other manufactures in the industry. That’s what i demand from the products I fish; especially the products i put my name on.

When you use one of these line you’ll know it will perform the way I intended, and rigorously tested by people who fish… not by a guy in a lab coat KG.

Airflo were pleased to announce that Kelly is an active part of their Pro Staff team with his unrivaled experience and knowledge on catching large fish, Kelly’s the guy to help ‘flo develop a new range of fly lines for the river angler.

KG nymph/indicator fly line

From Day one, KG wanted a good Nymph and Indicator line, a line that needs to be able to form efficient loops that can straighten out heavy flies and large indicators. The new Kelly Galloup Nymph/Indicator fly line has a larger tip diameter and a more aggressive front taper to handle even the heaviest junk.

Even with a good cast, many struggle mending the line and controlling the drift. But, Airflo’s Super Dri technology has allowed us to develop a fly line with an extending rear taper, which allows us as anglers to lift more line from moving water to help mend better than any line we have ever made.

With the original low stretch power core you will be able to stick fish at distance and with our ridged surface, the line wont slip out of your hand while doing so.

View here: Kelly Galloup Nymph Indicator Fly Line

Kelly Galloup Nymph Indicator Technology

KG Streamer Float fly line

A fly line designed to cast anything in your fly box. The taper specification is described as ‘Powerful Taper that casts the other half of the chicken!’ which implies, the aggressive taper helps turn over heavy and wind resistant flies at any distance. Not sure you can cast it… then you’ve found your fly line.

View here: Kelly Galloup Streamer Float Fly Line

Kelly Galloup Streamer Float

KG Streamer Max Long fly line

A sinking line that’s designed to get your flies int he zone, and keep them there whilst aggressively stripping. This lines smooth transition from full sink to intermediate running line keeps you in direct contact when working the fly.

View here: Kelly Galloup Streamer Max Long Fly Line

Kelly Galloup Streamer Max Long

The Airflo Super-Dri ELITE Fly Line

Airflo’s ability to create a fly line that floats higher, shoots better and lasts longer than any other on the market has deemed the Super-Dri range one of the best money can buy. Using a Super-Teflon material, these lines almost repel water and sit 10% higher than other floating line. 

The Airflo Super-Dri Elite fly line is our ‘go-to’ trout taper. The ideal line for anglers at any level looking for their next floating line. The Elite boasts a modest overall belly length of 40 feet with both short front and rear tapers, this line basically does it all from delicate presentation with micro dries through to nymph fishing at range. Also available in a technical double taper where the line can be reversed for varying tapers.

Click here to view the Ridge Super-Dri Elite on the Fishtec Website

Airflo Fly Lines at the Science Museum!

As many of you will know Airflo have been at the forefront of fly line technology for a very long time. Introducing non-stretch Power-Cores, the use of PU rather than PVC materials and more recently, extreme floatability with the Super-Dri range!

Between 1998 and 2008 F1™ tyres were completely re-designed with maximizing safety of drivers at the forefront of the operation. The designers cut grooves into each tyre to reduce the amount of rubber in contact with the track, reducing grip levels forcing drivers to go more slowly around corners. A a result, this meant slower lap times but less fatalities.

Our fly line designer Richard Wothers saw an opportunity to use the same concept as the F1 teams on our range of Airflo Fly Lines. It was then our Ridge Technology was born. The design principles were the same, a ridged or grooved pattern cut into fly lines turns it from a round-shaped line into a star-shaped one.

Airflo RidgeTechnology

Airflo Ridge Technology

In the same way that a grooved F1™ tyre has a smaller contact area with the racetrack, the grooves in the fishing line mean there is less contact with the rod rings, therefore reducing friction and allowing anglers to cast further and with greater accuracy than ever before. The ridges not only reduce friction between the eyes, but also keeps the line lubricated for brilliant shootability.

What do Airflo say about Ridge? “The concept is simplicity itself. Our unique ridged design reduces the line surface area in contact with the rod guides. Consequently friction levels are vastly improved when compared to other lines on the market. Our ridges are also incredibly tough for long term durability”.

It’s for this reason why Airflo fly lines are featured within the Science Museum in London! Has anyone been there and seen the Airflo ridge technology?

London Science Museum :

Czech Win the World Fly Fishing Championships!

Czech World Fly Fishing Team

Czech World Fly Fishing Team

The Czech fly fishing team put in a sterling performance at the World Fly Fishing Championships this year in Norway, taking first Team position with the aid of Airflo fly fishing lines.

Lubos Roza – Current Czech team member said – “A big part of our success was down to Airflo fly lines. The most important technique was fishing with a long line across the river with small streamer patterns. We used only Airflo clear lines and it helps us very much. Most of the sessions in Norway were about getting just one fish and we are sure that we caught because we didn’t scare the fish. Thank you for your perfect lines and for help to Czech team!!!”

View Full Team Results here

Airflo Ridge Clear Intermediate Fly Line Review

Airflo Ridge Clear Fly Line

Over the years I think you will all agree that Airflo with the progression in line technology, now offer some of the best fly lines on the market. One of the lines that I have recently had the pleasure of using was the Ridge Clear Slow Intermediate.

Truth is told one of the reasons I bought this fishing line was the fact that I don’t actually own any clear fly lines, but also I have seen and heard some very good reviews by the general fishing public and some fishing forum posts.

First impression of the line was actually how clear the fly line was. There has been numerous attempts from other fly line manufacturers to make a “clear” line, but once they come from production they turn cloudy and not clear at all. However, this line was CRYSTAL CLEAR and already I could see the benefit of using such lines, so I took it outside to the casting pool and just lay about 5 feet of the line on the water.

I was very excited to try out this new fly lines so on my first trip, with it in my arsenal, the conditions were not the best but I tried the line all the same. Being that the line is one of the Ridge Series the casting was, as you would expect flawless and run through the guides of the rod perfectly. The performance whilst the line was aerialised is perfect and I felt completely in control, at both sort and big distances.

It wasn’t long before I was hooked up to my first fish and with a nice clean hook up and easy contact this line made the experience more personal. As I was having so much fun using this line I decided to use it all day and if I’m honest it was one of the most enjoyable days fishing I’ve had in a long time.>

If you are looking for a nice line for light buzzer work and in the top 6 inches of water when stealth and precision is needed then I would suggest the Ridge Clear Slow Intermediate.

See more infromation here from Tim Rajeff:

Cuban “Grand Slam!” using Airflo Fly Lines

Catching a “Grand Slam” has to be one of the most perfect way of ending a day out on the skiff or flats… A milestone which most fly fishermen want to achieve in their fishing career. Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit and Snook or the four target species, a Gland Slam consists of three of the four to be landed, or the more difficult, Super Slam, when the angler lands all four species! These angling milestones are unforgettable in the life of an angler.

Check out Mikael Frödin (video above), Guideline tackle tester when he manages to land this amazing Grand Slam using a range of Airflo Ridge Fly Lines along with the Guideline RS Haze fly rod!


The Airflo Story

Behind the scenes at Airflo with ‘The Airflo Story’!

Most standard fly lines may look or feel the same, and you may think they are made in the same way, but here at Airflo we like to spice things up! Richard Wothers, Production manager at Airflo, shows you the development and production of Airflo Fly Lines. This video describes to you, the angler, the thought process behind designing our fly lines along with an on the water and in the factory tour explaining Airflo’s patented materials and manufacturing process.

Airflo have always been at the forefront of fly line technology and design, being able to producing some of the best tapers and most technically advanced fly lines on the market. With the opportunity to test and use some of the absolute best materials available, we’ve been able to create some brilliant fly fishing lines that will suit any fly fishing scenario around the world.

Airflo 12ft Slow Intermediate Mini Tip

Back in the summer Robbie Winram reviewed the new series of Airflo Mini Tips fly lines, I said that there was one more to come to complete the range and here it is – the 12-foot slow intermediate.

Airflo 12ft Slow Intermediate Mini Tip

With seven different mini tips already available from Airflo, does this model offer anything different? Well for a start it has a 12-foot slow glass tip which is fused seamlessly to the main floating line and it sinks at half an inch per second. This coupled with the impact taper which has a relatively short front and long rear taper make for a great casting line at close, medium and long range.

The six-foot slow mini tip version is already a favourite of mine for the washing-line method but the 12-foot is great for anti-wake fishing in flat, calm conditions. The sink rate is so slow it gives the impression you are fishing sub-surface, however it is sinking all the time. But once under the water there is no disturbance at all, great for really spooky fish. Use it with a degreased co-polymer leader and you can slow it even more, keeping your flies in the taking zone for as long as possible.

Another technique it excels at is dibbling wets or damp dries through the surface when fishing loch-style drifting. No matter how wild the waves become the slow glass tip will track back perfectly towards the boar just anchored beneath the surface. So often a floater is pushed and blown all over the place, but not this line, its perfect for the job. What’s more the takes are a lot more positive as the line is anchored in the surface and the low stretch core take care of the rest.

Traditional loch-style short-lining in a good wave when the fish are up in the water is a whole lot of fun with this airflo fly line and whenever these conditions present themselves I know what I’ll be reaching for.

The fly line has an opaque olive tip and a sky blue running section and is available in WF6F, WF7F and WF8F.

Reviewed in Trout Fisherman Magazine Issue 440


NEW Airflo Competitor Fly Lines

The Airflo Competitor fly lines are the ultimate fly fisherman’s sinking fly lines. As true masters of sinking line technology, Airflo has produced a 40 yard long, low-stretch fly line which is ideal for sunk line fishing. 

These fly lines have been designed with our new power core technology, offering the best bite detection of any fly lines on the market today. The Airflo Competitor fly lines are ideally suited to the ‘Pulling’ technique, their unique sinking profile and weight densities offer an unseen fishing profile which is perfect for fishing the contours.

Designed with two sinking densities, heavier density head than the running line, these lines feature an almost vertical retrieve path and a sinking angle of around 45 degree.

For example, the Di 5 line – this has a head length of 44feet in a sinking density of 5ips – DI 5 – and the back of the line has a sinking density of 3ips – DI 3. These two different densities allows the fly line to sink head first, causing an exaggerated sinking profile. This angle would be perfect for fishing close to the bottom of the bank, or fishing the contours from a boat. Also, the profile is ideal for fishing the hang at depth!

Sinking Densities

Di 3 – Di 5

Di 5 – Di 7

Di 7 – Di 8

The Di 7- Di 8 has already proved to be one of the best ‘Boobying’ lines around, winning most of the competitions early season last year. A line which casts 40 yards and sinks like a stone is sure to put more fish in the boat. Aided by the coloured markers throughout, depth is easy to control and the fishing depth of your flies is relate to. Fishing the hang has never been easier by these 3ft long markers.

View the Airflo Sixth Sense Competitor Lines here.