Spring Carp Tactics

At this time of year the carp metabolism is still quite slow but also they’re on the move and looking for food, The three different rigs I’ve got to show all play different parts in getting them crucial bites at this time of the year in the perfect carp fishing feeding zone.

Firstly I’m going to start with what I call the ‘cocktail’ its called this because instead of having one hook bait, it has 3 different hook baits. In this case I have a small piece of trimmed tiger nut a piece of real maize and then a bit of fake white buoyant corn. The reason it gets so many bites is personally because of it visual attraction and its also nearly neutral buoyancy because of the fake corn which makes it so much easier for the carp to make a mistake whilst there feeding. The rig I use is the basic blow back rig and its so affective when fished with a small bag of maize and crushed tiger nuts.

Tip – Although I use maize and tiger nuts in my cocktail, try experimenting with chick peas or maples you could be surprised with your results.

This is probably my prefered way to fish at this time of the year, a small 14mm Celticbaits G-nut boilie topped off with a 10mm glugged pineapple pop-up. The reason I find this so effective is once again because of the neutral buoyancy and also because of the quick leakage of the baits; the G-nut 14mm boilie I’ve been using through the winter months has a great leakage rate, and the carp find it easier to track the baits down. I also fish it with a small bag of crushed boilies, just to give the extra boost of attraction.

Now the third and final rig I use at this time of year is the claw rig the reason I use this is because the hook bait ends being quite big. To show you what I do, I’ve got so pictures of me doing it step by step.

In the picture above you can see there is a 14mm beast feast boilie on a long hair this will become clear as when I add the paste on (picture below).

Now as you can see I’ve added the beast feast paste onto the 14mm boilie and now the fishing  bait has doubled in size and if the hair was shorter then you added the paste you would have to mask the hook, and at this time of the year when the carp are feeding cautiously you cant risk the hook being covered at all.

All I’ve done now is grabbed a handful of of 2mm pellets and 4mm pellets and squished them onto the paste. On the lake bed that will all slowly breakdown and there will be a variety of food signals going off and this will encourage the fish to feed and get grubbing, I strongly advise people to try this!

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