Space Waders

back to the future

If Marty McFly went fishing...
Photo by Renatodantasc

If Marty McFly had gone fishing in Back to the Future then he would have definitely worn hover waders. We can’t predict what other kinds of futuristic space waders there are in galaxies far, far away, but we can certainly speculate …

Radar waders

Radar waders

Radar waders
Photo by Ken Hodge

Not only do they rhyme and provide a challenging tongue twister, radar waders also have an in-built fish finding radar, which leads their wearer towards all the fish as demonstrated by the following sound effects. Blip … blip … beep!

Net curtain waders

net waders

Net waders
Photo by Jack Newton

If any fish think they can just swim up close and taunt you, then they’re in for a nasty surprise. The net curtain waders are equipped with a sensitive sensor, which automatically releases a net and traps anything swimming within one metre. Meaning it’s curtains for the nosey fish.

Jet waders

jet waders

Jet waders
Photo by Farhan Amoor

Wading through sludgy or rough water can be quite a struggle … but not with jet waders. That’s right these waders are fitted with two small jet propulsion engines to give you some speedboat thrust through those tricky spots. Not sure about cornering though.


lure waders

Photo by Chestra

The lurers are a pair of waders renowned for their captivating odour, which fish cannot resist. Simply go for a relaxing wade in your pair of lurers and in a few minutes you’ll feel like the pied piper of the fish world.

Hover waders

hover waders

Hover waders
Photo by David J Morgan

Straight out of a sci-fi flick, hover waders come complete with a pair of powerful thrusters, which enable the wearer to hover a couple of feet above the water — a most excellent method of providing a seagull’s view of all the fish. Just don’t go too high as there’s no fish on the moon.

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