Sea Trout Fishing with Rene Alleyne

Rene Alleyne Sea Trout Fishing

Rene Alleyne Sea Trout Fishing

As Bass fishing, Sea trout fishing is becoming more and more popular throughout the UK and in recent years, anglers have to put more effort, time and knowledge into getting their rewards. Rene Alleyne has been fishing the river Towy for years and puts his wealth of knowledge and experience into getting some trophy Sewin.

At the tender age of just 9, Rene relocated from London to South Wales with his family and it wasn’t long before he was out on the local streams bearing a spinning rod and pot of worms. His quarry was wild brown trout, a beautiful fish to catch at any age in your life.

As catching trout with a spinner and worm become stale, Rene turned his efforts to fly fishing and picked up his first fly rod at the age of 11. After school each evening he would take advantage of his junior season ticket at Eglwys Nunydd reservoir where he would enjoy catching rainbows and the River Ogmore for brown and Sewin.

Rene says “I have done plenty of reservoir fishing over the years and also have enjoyed sea fishing for Bass, Ray and cod. I also enjoy fly fishing for mullet and bass when i get the chance. But river fishing has always been my thing. Since 2006, I have been fishing the Ogmore, Neath, and mainly the Towi, on association water and Golden Grove, for Sewin and Salmon. In this time, I have been fortunate enough to land some fantastic sewin, including 25+ double figure sewin, with the majority on the fly”.

Rene’s personal best came this season, when in just one week he’d landed sea trout of 14lb, 17lb, 17.5lb and 18lb 2oz on the fly.

Over the last four or five seasons, Rene fishes three to six nights a week, creating an impressive catch rate, landing over 150 Salmon and Sewin each year.