Annoying things avoided by sea fishing

sea fishing

Sea fishing – for complete annoyance avoidance
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These days there’s just so much to enjoy. In fact it’s quite impossible to get bored what with the Internet and television and the buzzing social enclaves found in cosmopolitan towns and cities.

Oh isn’t life just swell! Well actually some people don’t like things being swell. It’s sometimes a relief to get away from the media smog and the jib-jabbering masses. And the best way to do this, is to scoop up your sea fishing tackle and hop on a boat.

Here’s just some of the annoying things you can avoid whilst sea fishing:


traffic jam

Sea fishing – no roads, no cars, no traffic jams
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It’s great to own a car and be so mobile, but there’s a problem when everybody else and their dogs own cars too. Not only can they not drive as well as you, but they clog up the roads with their people carriers and hatchbacks and quickly transform mobile to immobile. There are no cars when you’re sea fishing.

Enthusiastic dogs

fishing dog

Over-enthusiastic dogs won’t spoil your sea fishing
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“Don’t worry, he’s a big softie,” are words that shouldn’t be taken as truth when a 50-kilo canine comes bounding towards you. Especially whilst you’re quietly fishing by a riverbank. If you want to prevent dogs from scoffing your pack lunch or belly flopping on your bait – head to sea for fishing.



Get off the information super-highway and go sea fishing
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It’s amazing and contains a global brain that can tell you everything about everything and keep you entertained from dawn to dawn and you can watch programmes and play games any time of the day. But you can’t eat it, so you’ll be just fine without it.



Sea fisherman catches whopper – read all about it.
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There’s rarely any good news in the newspapers or on the 24 hour news channels. So avoid the doom and gloom of society and create your own good news by catching a whopper in the salty air.

Mobile phone networks

mobile phone signal

Out of service and into sea fishing
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OMG! Isn’t it so cool that you can like get a phone signal anywhere? You can text your friends and tell them how cool the Himalayas are and take a picture of the Dalai Lama as he shares a special moment with you — how great it is to be connected all of the time! Well, lets be honest, it can be a little tiring after a while.

Cute children

Kids messy party

Had enough of the kids? Go sea fishing
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“Isn’t she lovely?” Well, yes, and I sort of don’t mind her playing with my possessions, but she is kind of destroying them by chewing them and that constant bawling is kind of annoying and yes, I do have a headache. Is it time for a spot of sea fishing?