Fly Fishing on Rivers – Top Tips!

When tackling a river there are many things you need to consider. Many more than you actually think! Here are my top tips to succeed when trying to fool wild trout or grayling in a river.

1 – Always keep low!  Trout, most fish of that matter, look up. If your walking along the top of a banking or near to the side of the river the fish are lying on, it’s crucial that you stay out of sight of the trouts view. If your walking along a high bank and wish to take a look over, keep low, I normally try and walk as far away from the waters edge as possible.

2- Wading! Wading is the most common cause  of spooked fish! Whether fishing slow glides or runs wading is crucial. Not rushing, and taking small steps is the way forward! your waders are restricted for a reason :O !

3 – DRAG! Drag is a killer. Alot of dry fly experts will tell you that micro drag is the key between catching and not catch a fish. Drag is when your fly/flies are traveling faster than the current itself. This is ‘usually’ caused by the fly line, when the fly line is traveling faster or slower than your flies. To check for drag, watch your dry fly, and also keep an eye on something on the surface of the water – A leaf, a bubble, another fly… anything thats traveling the same pace as the current. There you can judge whether your fly is traveling faster or slower. The solution? Put mends into your cast, mid air or whilst the fly is traveling downstream.Another way is to change your position, go upstream or downstream of the fish and re-cast.

Keep low, Wade slow, Don’t drag your feet

Written by Kieron Jenkins

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Kieron Jenkins

About Kieron Jenkins

Born and raised on the rivers and lakes of south Wales, Kieron Jenkins won his first cap at the age of nine, fishing for the Welsh Youth International team. He has gone on to prove himself as one of the leading competition anglers of his generation, both on the river and also the stillwater scene. Specialising in nymph and dry fly fishing in the small streams and larger, freestone rivers of South Wales, he’s also a highly respected and innovative fly tier. Kieron regularly contributes quality features to online and printed game fishing publications. When he’s not fly fishing, kieron is digital marketing manager at Fulling Mill.

One thought on “Fly Fishing on Rivers – Top Tips!

  1. A good tip I was given , was to remember that the bank you are on is the far bank from the other side. SImply put anglers have a fascination with the far bank lies. Usually its because they scare the fish thats on their side.
    By a stealthy approach your near bank can be just as productive,


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