Rene Alleyne’s Sea Trout Blog – Early Season Sport

The Sea trout season is up and running now, and with a decent rise in river levels, the fishing is really starting to pick up… So It’s time to get your fly fishing gear out of storage and hunt down a sea trout! Veteran sewin chaser Rene’ Alleyene has already ventured out and started his season on the famous River Towy. Here he gives us his first report of the year.

I started the season with my usual setup for night fishing, two Airlite nantec rod’s, some Airflo v-lite reel’s, loaded with slow inter, mid inter, fast inter and Di3 Airflo forty plus lines. April got off to a good start. I was out with Barry Stearn, at Golden Grove, on his first night session of the season in the  first week of April. We weren’t fishing long when there was a big explosion of water, and Barry was into a fish. After a good fight, I managed to get the net under it for him, very relieved. A belting seatrout, weighing 15.5lb. A quick photo and the fish was released and went back strong. Barry took the fish, using a fast inter forty plus and a 3 inch aluminium tube.

Barry Stearn with his 15.5lb sewin

Barry Stearn with his 15.5lb sewin.

Through April we had very low water and bright sunshine in the day time. The algae was getting worse by the day, making fishing difficult. I was mainly fishing at this time with slow and mid inter lines, with plastic tubes and snake flies, to try and keep the flies out of the weed, and I did have some decent takes, and a few fish lost, one very good fish. I was out fishing with Philip Bissmire one night, when he hooked into a cracking fish, which spent most of the time in the air and managed to jump into a snag and the fish was lost, very unlucky with that one. I managed to land my first sewin of 3lb the other week,it  gave a good account of itself, and was a lovely bar of silver.

The first sea trout of the season for Rene'

The first sea trout of the season for Rene’ – a proper silver bar.

Into May now, and last week we had a good rise in river levels, which has cleared out a lot of the weed. Some really good sewin have been landed on the fly and spinning. The Tywi (aka Towy), at Golden Grove was at a nice height for night fishing last night, so I went out for a few hour’s. I fished the pool through first with a mid inter, stinger on the point and a size 6 single on the dropper. Picked up two nice brown’s, but no takes of a sewin. I gave it 5 minutes and then went through with a fast inter and a 1 3/4 inch copper tube. Waded out into the river, and fished this slow until it came down below me, and then a very slow retrieve. After a few cast’s doing this, everything went solid, and I was into a cracking fish. The fish came straight up and was thrashing like mad on the surface, but then headed straight for a snag in the water. While trying to stop it going in there, the hooked pulled and everything went slack…. oops. After taking 10 minutes on the bank to pull myself together, I went back in fishing the same way and after four or five cast’s, had a belting take, and I was in again. The fish headed for the snag again, but this time I managed to keep the fish my side of it, and after a strong scrap managed to land this one. Weighed in the Mclean’s weigh net, a quick photo and the fish was released. A cracking sewin weighing just over 11lb. It’s funny how you can go from being devastated, to being over the moon in just a short space of time with fishing.

First big Sea trout of the season from the river Towy - 11lb

First big Sea trout of the season from the river Towy – 11lb

I am hearing some fish showing at night now, and hopefully thing’s will pick up now. More rain today, so it’s looking promising for the rest of May.

Tight lines All,  Rene’