Predator Season Bonanza

The 2010 Predator season is now well upon us and myself and fellow TFG team members have been enjoying some fantastic sport. The highlights have been some magnificent Pike to 28 lb, specimen Zander and some mega sized Perch from some of the UK’s most famous large trout stillwaters. I am now going to give you an insight into some of my favourite tackle items for predator fishing.

Ceri with 22lb Pike

Ceri with 22lb Pike

For Zander and Perch I use a 6 foot cutting edge spin & Jig rod rated for 5 –15 grams coupled with a TFG classic match feeder reel filled with 14lb grunt braid. This is a really nice light outfit ideal for both jigging and casting, it’s a pleasure to use and very sensitive. This rod has landed me Pike in excess of 26lb, though the cutting edge heavy spin and jerk bait rods are the ones designed for the big stuff. These can throw out heavy jerkbaits and are ideal for trolling lures such as super shadraps, one of my all time favourites. On the subject of lures we recently tested out some of the new Savagear soft plastic lures and Fisheagle jig heads to great success on Rutland water, landing 120 Zander in two days fishing as well as some bonus Pike and large brown trout, all of them on the cutting edge rods.

Tim with 28lb Pike

Tim with 28lb Pike

When Pike angling with deadbaits my first choice of reel is the TF Gear Frontrunner 12000 Reel. I have been hammering these reels for 18 months now and they have been a true workhorse and have never let me down.  They have great cranking power for retrieving large baits with ease, a smooth very reliable drag that can be fine tuned to function as a quick turn bait runner and they cast huge distances with ease. I fill them with 15 lb redmist line, which gives me great abrasion resistance and a visual contrast, which helps when watching for pickups and drop backs. On a recent Chew session we had three twenties plus numerous hard fighting doubles in the high teens all landed on these great reels.

Ceri with Perch

Ceri with Perch

My Top 10 Predator Extras:

TFG Head torch
Ideal for fishing into dark evenings and getting your boat organised on the way back to the moorings.

McLean’s Salmon weigh net
This has swallowed many twenties for us now it’s just the right shape and size for giant fish with a handy build in weigh scales for a quick reading if you want to return a fish quickly.

Airflo para drogue
Essential for fishing lures or jigs on the drift

Wavehopper life jacket

Wavehopper electric engine
Allows you to troll and approach shallow water areas without spooking the fish.

Airflo boat seat cushion
Perfect for the predator angler who can only access trout waters on a limited basis and needs something light to carry down to the boat. It’s very comfortable and firm allowing you to sit high up on the thwart.

Dr slick Cuda 8 ½ inch pliers
A high quality item for getting the hooks out of toothy jaws, they also have a handy built in cutter and sheath.

TFG primal drop in cool bags
Great for keeping deadbaits frozen all day long, available in several sizes.

Fishing buddy 1101 fish finder
Needed for finding the depth and underwater drop offs and features, find these and you find the fish!

TFG force 8 Heavy duty carryall
Swallows up a huge amount of kit and keeps it bone dry.