Pike Fishing at Esox Lodge

The area around Esox Lodge is a complex of rivers, reedy bays and hidden lakes. They all contain Bream, Roach, Rudd, Perch & Pike. Dead baits, trolling, spinning and fly fishing for pike are methods used to catch these trophy fish. The 365 lakes in Cavan contain Pike, Trout and a selection of coarse fish all within easy reach of Esox lodge.

Pike at the moment are stacked up in the small bays off the main river flow. This is due to the high level of the river and the volume of water passing through. This gives the angler a great opportunity to have fun on light fishing tackle. Jerk baiting and fly-fishing is bringing good sport contacting with smaller pike , up to 2.5kg, with the chance of a double figure also with every cast. Currently micro chompers and buster jerk baits are working best, the brighter ones seem to attract more fish as the water is coloured. There are still pike in the shallows when the temp rises during the day but most fish are lying in deeper water 9-12 feet ambushing lures from the weed. Averaging 6-10 fish per session per day. The larger pike are taken on dead baits at this time of the year. The Esox Lodge record of 34lb 4oz was taken 1st week in December 3 years ago from a spot not too far from Esox Lodge.


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