No flies on them: 19 top fly fishing Twitter accounts

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Want to find the best anglers who are just as into fly fishing as you? Twitter is the place to go, with all the latest updates from the folk who love imitating fly hatches, fishing for wild fish in wild places, and spending hours at the vice.

We’ve put together a list of 18 of the best accounts to inspire and entertain you. Like what you see? Hit that follow button!

Pete Tyjas

Pete Tyjas loves fly fishing in and around Dartmoor in Devon. He has a long association with Devon School of fly fishing and says that he never tires of “seeing the beauty of a wild brown trout”. He’s keen to spread the word about the joys of fly fishing; as this photo of a lesson on casting before they hit the river shows:

Pete really knows how to inspire the people he’s teaching, and loves to “see spark ignite” with a fly fishing beginner! Pete also runs the awesome Eat Sleep Fish E-zine @ESFezine  – one of our favourite online fly fishing reads!

Nick Hart

Nick’s been lucky enough to turn his passion for angling into a career, as the owner of Nick Hart fly fishing. He posts about gear, fishing politics and camera-shy catches!

In the last few days he’s taken out a first time fly fisher, Rob, and has shown off the results of their day’s labour on the lake.

Dave Wiltshire

Fancy some tips from an AAPGAI fly fishing instructor based in the Chew Valley? Look no further than Dave Wiltshire. He gives regular updates from his fly fishing trips, keeping his followers up to date on the hatch times of LDO’s and March Browns on the rivers.

On a recent trip to the Avon, Dave tweeted to say he was surprised to get several decent flurries of olives in spite of the cold weather and rain. He also shows off the importance of pre-hatch coffee in such conditions too!

Charles Jardine

Charles is an avid supporter of Fishing 4 Schools and says: “If there is one single thing that has both re-energised this fifty-something and given life for me and my fishing a boost; it has been this initiative”.

Always keen to encourage youngsters in the art of fly fishing, he recently spent time teaching trout fishing to the England youth football team

On another kind of art, Charles loves to paint too (like his artist angler father, Alex, who once designed fishing stamps). He’s raising money for Fishing 4 Schools by selling copies of his intricately painted grayling portrait:

Alex Jardine

Continuing the Jardine family angling tradition, Angling Trust ambassador (and son of Charles), Alex Jardine regularly posts pics of his fishing days, whether or not he manages to avoid a blank.

Alex also recently tweeted about showing off the new Guideline rods, and has been sharing his experiences of the first few days of the new Trout season, which, for him was ushered in with an unwelcome blanket of frost on 31st March.

David Johnson

Fly fishing film-maker David Johnson’s Twitter feed is a great source of info about updates on what’s hatching and when. He fishes in and around the Peak District and Yorkshire. This video of him landing a grayling last Autumn is just one of a series of videos David shares

He also proudly shows off the nice wild brownie he caught earlier this month on a trip to Yorkshire:

Neil Keep

Neil Keep’s aim with fly fishing is simple. He just wants to spread the word to the masses about how great it is. He’s an expert teacher who fly fishes in and around Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire.

He takes a highly balanced view of the sport and is honest enough to tell his followers when it doesn’t quite go according to plan. On his recent trip to the river with compadres Jams and Dom, they only got a few fish on nymphs – a tough day on the river. Luckily it’s not all bad news though as this catch of 20 wild brownies recently demonstrates!

Hywel Morgan

World champion caster Hywel Morgan recently took a three day trip to Camp Villmarks where he spent time demoing fly fishing techniques to the crowds there. He couldn’t resist tweeting about one of the best fish tanks he’s ever seen.

As we all know, fly fishing runs strong in Hywel’s family, and is continuing down the generations- as demonstrated in this tweet showing the lovely brownie his daughter Tanya caught with a size 18 dry fly. He also shares a great video from fly fishing buddy Matt Pate on how to tie an egg fly (with some great out-takes at the end!)

Paul Procter

Paul Procter  is a Masters level AAPGAI instructor. He’s based in Cumbria, where he frequently has to battle the weather to snare specimen sized river trout on dry flies. Paul also gets some great shots of river insect life:

Check out the great snap of his first Large Brook Dun of 2016. Paul’s careful to let everyone know that they can be easily confused with March Browns, though they tend to be fewer in number during the course of the season.

Gareth Lewis

Gareth’s just shared the great news that he’s going to be demonstrating at Rheghed at the Fly Fest Lecture theatre in October this year: He’s an International Fly Tyer and has represented Wales in a number of national events including the prestigious British Fly Fair International.

He’s also posted images of his first fish of the season caught on dry flies. Good work for the end of March, in not-so-favourable conditions.

Lee Evans

Lee’s Twitter feed tells his followers about a recent, absorbing day on the Usk in which he got the fish to take with a selection of grannom and MB patterns:

Lee reckons he’s not much of a blogger, but take a look at his  site, Down By The River, which features a stunning pictorial account of his Summer trip to Dry fly fish on the Lower Middle Usk. You can judge for yourself!

Luke Thomas

Proud Welshman, Luke Thomas is passionate about fly fishing in and around Cardiff. For some great close-up shots of Garn Browns, Luke’s your man. On one of his most recent trips to Garnffrwd, he managed to catch 40 in one session:

Luke also passes on his ideas on the perfect use of rubber, like this mix of Pinkys, Olive Apps and Bloodworm.

John Tyzack

John Tyzack’s a professional fly fishing guide and AAPGAI instructor and England International Flyfisher, so he’s a go-to guy for sound advice and expert tips. Recently, he’s been telling his pike fly fishing followers to always take good-sized nets out with them, even if they’re not expecting to get anything, because you just never know what you’ll catch:

In another tweet, he shows off a little video from a recent trip to New Zealand, when he releases his awesome catch back into the water.

Glen Pointon

Ever thought about trying Urban fly fishing? Glen Pointon takes the idea of fishing where you live to the extreme, showing that you can fly fish pretty much anywhere the fancy takes you.

He’s recently had some of his town based fly fishing photography featured on Urban Trout and they’re really stunning images. Urban Trout reckon that Glen’s ability to catch ‘horses’ (big river trout!) from notoriously Dirty Places like the upper Trent is legendary.

He’s a bit of a tying room geek too, as this recent post shows:

Stuart Smitham

A passionate stillwater specialist, Stuart’s a proud Welshman who now lives and works in Shropshire. Recently, he’s been showing off the quality Brown Trout showing at his beloved Ellerdine lakes:

He’s also keen to share the interesting facts and photos other anglers on social media have written about – for example, his tweet highlighting an image Steffan Jones added to Facebook about great characteristics buzzers have

Lewis Rumble

Over at his blog Stokiebasher, Lewis Rumble shares great posts from his fly fishing trips, like last year’s spring trip to Chew Valley Lake which he says yielded “50 fish, including a stonking perch well in excess of 2lb – probably closer to 3 and a brownie on the nymphs was a nice surprise too.”

Young Lewis is firmly on track to become one of the UK’s best competitive anglers, having earned himself several international caps along the way. As his twitter catch images often show, he gets into his fair share of slabs on a regular basis:


Matt Eastham

Lancashire based fly fisher Matt Eastham’s got a great laid back style in terms of fishing and tweeting. His blog North Country Angler is great if you want useful gen on what he reckons were the top flies of 2015.

When he’s got time to spare, he shows off his neat fly tying work ahead of his fishing trips:

Matt also shares his humorous tactics for fishing a beat when Paul Procter’s been around!

Unemployable Fisher

The Unemployable Fisher is sure about one thing, he’s very excited for the start of the fly fishing season. Check out this beautiful view, snapped while chasing Silver on on a favourite beat:

He also shares what he gets up to when the early season weather lets him down – hitting the vice! His blog is a good read too. Check out his  recent post about how a challenge to fish three famous Scottish Salmon Rivers in three days yielded great results -and some interesting weather issues too!

Theo Pike

Theo Pike is passionate about looking after his local river, the Wandle. Part of the Wandle Trust HitSquad, he and other volunteers have won a prize for their re-wilding project. These before and after shots make it clear why they won:

Angling writer Theo’s also part of the vanguard about non-native invasive species, having written the ‘Pocket guide to Balsam Bashing’. Featuring 40 species, and full of practical advice and what to look out for in British waterways, Theo’s working to ensure these NNIS’s don’t take over and destroy our rivers and lakes.

Get involved!

If all these tweeters have inspired you to find other likeminded fly fishers on Twitter, it’s always worth looking out for some of the many hashtags that are used regularly like #flyfishing #flyfish and even #urbanflyfishing.

Now you’ve seen our top picks of the best fly fishing tweeters out there, you can follow them and join in the conversation. Take a look at our list of the best . Don’t forget to add us, too!