NEW Airflo Competitor Fly Lines

The Airflo Competitor fly lines are the ultimate fly fisherman’s sinking fly lines. As true masters of sinking line technology, Airflo has produced a 40 yard long, low-stretch fly line which is ideal for sunk line fishing. 

These fly lines have been designed with our new power core technology, offering the best bite detection of any fly lines on the market today. The Airflo Competitor fly lines are ideally suited to the ‘Pulling’ technique, their unique sinking profile and weight densities offer an unseen fishing profile which is perfect for fishing the contours.

Designed with two sinking densities, heavier density head than the running line, these lines feature an almost vertical retrieve path and a sinking angle of around 45 degree.

For example, the Di 5 line – this has a head length of 44feet in a sinking density of 5ips – DI 5 – and the back of the line has a sinking density of 3ips – DI 3. These two different densities allows the fly line to sink head first, causing an exaggerated sinking profile. This angle would be perfect for fishing close to the bottom of the bank, or fishing the contours from a boat. Also, the profile is ideal for fishing the hang at depth!

Sinking Densities

Di 3 – Di 5

Di 5 – Di 7

Di 7 – Di 8

The Di 7- Di 8 has already proved to be one of the best ‘Boobying’ lines around, winning most of the competitions early season last year. A line which casts 40 yards and sinks like a stone is sure to put more fish in the boat. Aided by the coloured markers throughout, depth is easy to control and the fishing depth of your flies is relate to. Fishing the hang has never been easier by these 3ft long markers.

View the Airflo Sixth Sense Competitor Lines here.

One thought on “NEW Airflo Competitor Fly Lines

  1. Hi all,

    my name is Roman Heimlich and I would like a little contributed to the discussion of Airflo fly lines.
    As for me, I’m 31 years old, I flyfishing from the age of 15. 16 years I flyfishing competitively. Since 2010 I am a member of the Czech national team fishing.
    In the period 2008 to 2011 I won the championship twice in the Czech Republic flyfishing on the river and once on the lake.
    In 2011 I was at the third place at the World championchips in Italy and with friends from the team, we won the silver medal.
    Airflo Czech team had a long-term sponsors, which are of course very helpful and we appreciate it.
    As for fly lines Airflo:
    When river fishing personally I like to use for dry and wet flyfishing floating line Ridge Tactical Trout. Thanks to their surface ridge with them very well and accurately casting and fishing is quicker and more efficient.
    As to the lake, using only lines from Airflo. Fly lines Sixth sense generally helping me turn very fine shots from cautious fish.
    With the lake Airflo lines I cast very well into the distance, generally they also appreciate that their properties are maintained even under extreme conditions, when is very cold, or at high temperatures.
    My very favorite line is Airflo Sixth Sense Sweep, through which flies can walk very attractive and the percentage of shots so often increases.

    I wish you many pleasant experiences in competitive and as well relaxing fishing.


    Roman Heimlich
    Czech Republic

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