New Airflo SuperDri Lines – In Stock!


The revolutionary SuperDri fly line range from Airflo! Full stock of these fly lines will soon be on the shelves here at Fishtec and at your local fishing tackle store. We’re looking for them all to be ready by the middle of next week, 17/04/13! 

The Airflo Super Dry fly line has been developed over a long period of time, taking into consideration all aspects of floating line fishing and developing something that will perform to the highest level possible, without compromise. Designed specifically for the floating line angler, the Super Dri lines feature some super impressive traits.

Super-DRI Features & Benefits

  • Ultimate high floating PVC Free material – Floats 12-15% higher than any other floating line.
  • Repels water better than any other material.
  • Repels dirt and surface scum with a vengeance.
  • Slides through the guides better, adding distance to every cast with ease.
  • Floating material Permanently part of the line, not a coating that leaches out – migration is only good for birds!
  • Easily lifts off the waters surface, less disturbance adding stealth to every fishing situation.
  • Easy mending capabilities due to higher floating, adding length to drag free drifts.
  • Looped at both ends for easy leader changes.
  • Ridged for greater shoot ability and less tangles.
  • Power Core for ultra low stretch, extreme feel, and solid hook set.

Zone Technology is another new feature of the SuperDri range. This new technology gives us the opportunity to use different material configurations in every part of he fly line, imagine a line that has a super high floating tip zone, a supple belly zone that throws loops that are exceptionally tight and features a strategically places  ‘hauling zone’ that incorporates harder material with less compression making double hauling effortless and extreme durability in high wear areas.  This new line technology minimizes friction during the cast, helping with distance and extending the life of your floating line. You will notice the difference from your very first cast.

Float ability of a fly line is key. If it sinks at the tip or throughout any part of the line, it’s not doing what it should. Below we’ve pictured an 8# SuperDri Mend with a conventional 7# PVC fly line and the ‘ride height’ is very noticeable. SuperDri lines float high on the waters surface rather than in it, sitting 10-15% higher than any other floating fly line.

Superdri Vs PVC



Airflo SuperDri Elite

The Super Dry Elite has been designed for the average caster, with Airflo’s ‘go to’ trout taper. This line will be ideal for fishing buzzers, nymphs or dries on large reservoirs, still-waters or for the small lake angler.  The standard head length and modest front taper allow casters to present the fly well at distance or in tight spots when pin point accuracy is needed. This line does it all, and available in both weight forward (WF) or double taper (DT) make ups, you’ll find something to suit you!




Airflo SuperDri Xceed

The SuperDri Xceed has been designed to load today’s faster action fly rods. This slightly heavier weight forward head has a condensed taper optimized for casting into the wind and generating higher line speeds. This is the best floating line whether your fishing dries or subsurface. Available in weight forward (WF) configurations from 3 to 9 weights.



Super-Dri-Mend-fly line

Airflo SuperDri Mend

Designed to make nymphing and chucking big bugs easy, the Airflo Mend SuperDri is the ultimate nymphing fly line for both rivers and lakes. This line has a thicker tip diameter which helps turn over indicators or bungs, coupled to an extended head for enhanced mending control when fishing that crease across the other side of the river.




Airflo SuperDri Lake Pro

Airflo’s Super-Dri Lake Pro has been specifically designed for the Stillwater use, this line utilizes the popular DELTA taper profile for easy distance even when casting multiple flies. This is the ideal fly line for lough style fishing with multiple methods.



Airflo SuperDri Distance Pro

The Super-Dri Distance Pro has been designed for ultimate distance whether your fishing from the bank or boat. Featuring our longest belly on any single hand fly line, the Distance Pro is a firm Pro-Staff Favorite.