NEW Airflo Forty Plus Mini Tips

We now have stock of the NEW Airflo Forty Plus Mini tip fly lines!

Available in the Expert 35′ and Extreme 44′ versions these new forty plus mini tips will add yards to your casting, propelling your flies further than ever before.

With easy loading heads and low diameter running line, you’ll soon be reaching for the horizon. Enhanced with Ridged running line, an addition that makes the line cast even further than you ever imagined possible and with the adaptation of the new clear mini tip, buzzer fishing at a distance will be easily achievable.

Imagine nymphing/buzzer fishing at 40 yards away with total control and confidence that you will feel each and every take.

Power Core as standard, and you’ll need it to help set hooks at the increased distance you’ll be fishing! Doubles as an excellent switch casting line in confined spaces from the bank.

Available in both Forty plus Expert and Extreme, you can choose the best head length to maximise your casting abilities.

Click here to view Extreme –  Forty Plus Fly Lines – Expert – Forty Plus Expert Fly Lines


Written by Kieron Jenkins

One thought on “NEW Airflo Forty Plus Mini Tips

  1. Hi all,

    my name is Roman Heimlich and I would like a little contributed to the discussion of Airflo fly lines.
    As for me, I’m 31 years old, I flyfishing from the age of 15. 16 years I flyfishing competitively. Since 2010 I am a member of the Czech national team fishing.
    In the period 2008 to 2011 I won the championship twice in the Czech Republic flyfishing on the river and once on the lake.
    In 2011 I was at the third place at the World championchips in Italy and with friends from the team, we won the silver medal.
    Airflo Czech team had a long-term sponsors, which are of course very helpful and we appreciate it.
    As for fly lines Airflo:
    When river fishing personally I like to use for dry and wet flyfishing floating line Ridge Tactical Trout. Thanks to their surface ridge with them very well and accurately casting and fishing is quicker and more efficient.
    As to the lake, using only lines from Airflo. Fly lines Sixth sense generally helping me turn very fine shots from cautious fish.
    With the lake Airflo lines I cast very well into the distance, generally they also appreciate that their properties are maintained even under extreme conditions, when is very cold, or at high temperatures.
    My very favorite line is Airflo Sixth Sense Sweep, through which flies can walk very attractive and the percentage of shots so often increases.

    I wish you many pleasant experiences in competitive and as well relaxing fishing.


    Roman Heimlich
    Czech Republic

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