Nautical thieves: Video evidence!

TV shows like the BBC’s ‘Crime Watch’ showcase CCTV recordings of criminals in action, hoping for a all important tip-off that could lead to arrest.

Take a look at the following footage – fish-lovin’ thieves stealing the prize catch from innocent anglers. It’s unlikely any of these felons will do time, but the crime scene footage will raise a wry smile or two!

That’s a crime!

These two lucky guys pose with their catch of Mahimahi – how quickly their joy turned to sorrow…

Spearfishing gone bad

Ever been tempted to take up spearfishing? You’ll think twice once you’ve seen this…

Net hacker

No we’re not talking about the Internet – watch what happens when this whale shark encounters a full fishing net…

Cat burglar

This sneaky cat waited on the periphery and struck at the perfect moment. It might only be a quickie, but this one is comedy gold.

Place your catch with care

These guys might want to rethink where they put their catches, especially if this sneaky otter is about.

Refined tastes

This tech-loving octopus is more interested in this guys video camera and fishing tackle! Watch as the octopus successfully steals the camera and continues filming…