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After using numerous float rods for trotting, I was always left feeling they were not really right for the job.  I was using them for grayling, roach, dace and chub fishing.  Some of the float rods I had used previously felt too heavy or too stiff and unforgiving.  They seemed OK for chub but I was suffering an awful lot of hook pulls whilst fishing in particular for grayling.  To be fair, grayling do have a habit of coming off, due to their gyrating movement during the fight.  However I felt I was losing far too many.

So it was that I began a comprehensive search for a perfect trotting rod.  It was unlikely that I would find an absolute perfect tool for the job in the price range that I had in mind, but I intended to try.  So after quite some time of reading reviews and looking at numerous models in fishing tackle shops, I came across a rod that sounded just about right.  Basically what I wanted was something that would fulfill certain criteria:

  1. It had to be light enough to hold all day (and this is really important)
  2. I wanted a 14ft rod.  This would give me a little extra control over the float.
  3. It had to be designed with silver fish in mind.
  4. It needed to be capable of handling lines down to very light hooklengths of under 1½ lbs
  5. It needed to be able to pick line up at distance with a nice crisp action
  6. I wanted a rod that would cushion the strike and lunges from silver fish using very small hooks but capable of handling much bigger fish if hooked
  7. The rod had to be able to pick line up at a distance and set the hook up to 30 yards away

I came across the Drennan Matchpro Ultralight.

After reading a few reviews and the company spiel, I felt it was the right tool for the job.  After receiving the item it was time to give a good workout throughout the winter months.  Several trips to the River Itchen would test out the rods capabilities on the grayling population.  The rod performed beautifully.  It was very light and comfortable to hold all day, despite being 14ft.  It had a lovely tippy feel to it, which enabled excellent line pick up at distance and set the hook even on a very long trot.  The rod had a very nice through action and this was ideal for grayling.  It cushioned the fight from these tricky fish extremely well.  It didn’t quite eliminate hook pulls, but greatly reduced them.  I was delighted.

It was then put through its paces trotting for roach, dace chub and a few bonus barbel.  Again performance was better than I had hoped for.  Very few hookpulls using 20 hooks.  The light lines coupled with the supreme balance of the rod enabled me to land numerous good barbel to 10lb 5oz.  I never got snapped up once.  That to me is the sign of a quality rod.  I was using lines down to 2lb 6oz, but since then I have gone down to 1.8lb and still the rod performed well.  But then of course, that’s what it is designed for.

I then used the rod for crucian carp in the spring. This time taking numerous crucian’s to 3lb 11oz and tench to 6lbs.  The rod is a pleasure to use and I find it a very rewarding experience hooking and playing fish on this rod.

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