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his follows on from the other two post titled ‘Fly Fishing blogs to be reckoned with‘.

When we recently ran a series of reviews of fly, coarse and sea fishing blogs, we guessed that some of the best would slip throught the net.  Over the past few weeks, several more blogs have been brought to our attention  – and we’ve stumbled across some others.  So here they are – more great fishing blogs!

Ronsfishing Blog

Kieron Jenkins, avid fly fisherman, photographer and fly tier.

RonsFishing Fly Fishing Blog

Kieron has represented Wales at Youth, International, Commonwealth and World level, and his success at world level (4th individual) proves his wealth of knowledge on tactics, flies and techniques is worth reading about!

Blogging has become a big part of his life, posting about fishing days on both rivers and lakes which include talk on new fly patterns and techniques.

Rajeff Sports

Rajeff Sports fishing blog, North America’s Airflo Dealer.

Rajeff Fly Fishing Blog

Rajeff Sports is a small, personal, company of fly-fisher folk residing in Vancouver, Washington. The culmination of Tim Rajeff’s huge personality and an outlet of both creativity and service to the industry.

World distributor of Echo Fly Rods and Airflo Fly Lines to North America. Their blog consists of their Pro Staff featuring test products expanding on amazing fishing trips and general talk about fly fishing tackle.

Taff Diaries

Terry Bromwell, International River angler and Fly Tier.

Taff Diaries Fly Fishing Blog

FishStalker , As he’s know to the internet world – is the perfect person to getting touch with when wanting to fish the trout bursting streams of South Wales. Wandering the banks of the River Taff, Rhondda and Clydach, Terry has produced some great fish for the camera.

Regularly netting fish over two pounds in weight and a few bigger than 4! IS there a more envied fly fisherman?!

Reeltime Fishing and Leisure – Tyne Valley, Northumberland

Organised salmon, sea trout and trout fishing trips, for you! 

Reel Time Fishing Website

We specialise in organising fishing for salmon, sea trout and trout, for individuals and for small groups (both beginners and discerning anglers), on exclusive stretches of the River Tyne and private lakes, a beautiful scenic days fishing with brilliant company.

Our services include: a full Ghillie Service, Corporate Fishing Days, Fishing Lessons and Casting Tuition.

Wild Brown Trout

Wild Brown Trout Fishing at it’s best on untold water ways.

Brown Trout Fly Fishing Blog

Fly fishing for wild brownies is a form of Zen Buddhism, its been a lifelong passion which has never seemed to leave me. As I get older, when considering the three score years and ten of a mans allotted span, I’m driven more and more to give up on the fiscal necessities of life in order to do more fishing.

What more do you want from a guy who runs a fishing blog like this?

Phish Fingerz

A fish-A-Holoic photographer with an eye for capturing everything.

Phish Fingerz Fly Fishing Blog

Callum Conner is a fishaholic, living, breathing and eating fishing and casting tuition for the last few years. Also, a dab hand with the camera…

Addicted to every style of fishing be it Fly, Coarse, Carp or Sea Fishing, his fishing blog and angling images section are worth a look and are updated almost religiously.

One of the best fishing blogs we’ve seen in a while!

Fly Fish Guide

Editor of Total Fly Fisher and absolute fly fishing NUT!

Fly Fish Guide Fly Fishing Blog

Keep up to date with Steve Cullen and all his fly fishing and fly tying exploits. He’s editor of Total FlyFisher, the sport’s newest and freshest fly fishing magazine. His position and passion for fly fishing means he’s at the forefront when it comes to new techniques, flies and venues.

His job means he gets to go out fishing a lot more than is healthy, and often in a whole host of locations all over the UK and abroad.

Paul Procter Fly Fishing

Dry fly purist with an edge on the terrestrials… 

Paul Procter Fly Fishing Blog

Paul Says “I’m fishing almost on a daily basis up and down the country, I’ll endeavour to update this journal weekly where possible”

Paul is a full time guide who blogs about his free time which is spent on fishing. Endorsed by Orvis, Paul uses all their new fishing gear and produces some great tackle reviews both online and in various fishing magazines. Why not view his blog to find out more?

Durham Fly Fishing Company

Ex-international rivers manager and all round top angler.

Durham Fly Fishing Blog

A fanatical fly fisherman who has been lucky to have fished with some great fishermen in many great places around the world. The North of England and Scottish Borders are very special places and have some beautiful and fantastic waters to fly fish.

Stuart Says “I’m still learning the craft after more than 30years and I hope the flyfishing journey will never end”.

Fly Fishing Wales

A fly fishing guide based in Mid Wales blogging about his experiences.

AC Fly Fishing Wales Fishing Blog

The Fly fishing Wales blog is the perfect place to learn about fishing tackle, flies and methods which are used throughout Wales and on many of the challenging rivers of the UK.

Focusing his efforts of guiding and pleasure on the River Severn, Dee and Wye, Andrew has gained a wealth of knowledge from meeting other anglers and also putting his own techniques to practice.

Grayling On Fly

A well respected fly tier and angler from Czech Republic.

Jindra Lacko Fly Fishing Blog

Jindric Lacko runs one of the most visited blogs and its not hard to see why. Exploiting fly patterns, fishing techniques and talks from some of the best anglers around Europe the information he produces draws anglers from far and wide.

Jindric is also an expert fly tier and angler and his wealth of knowledge cannot be looked over. The perfect blog for enthusiastic fly tiers and river anglers.

The Spey Ghillie

A well known fishing Ghillie with years of experience on the Salmon. 

Spey Ghillies Fly Fishing Blog

Jock is the Ghillie on the Kinermony beat of the River Spey situated just above the town of Aberlour in the heart of Speyside.

Kinermony Fishings is privately owned, with around 1.5 miles of right bank fishing with 6 named pools fished by 3 rods.

Below Kinermony lies the Aberlour Angling Association and the beat directly above is the majestic Delagyle, some of the most reknown water in Scotland.

Catch Magazine Website

The absolute BEST fly fishing magazine, online!

Catch Magazine Fishing Website

Catch Magazine are searching the world for the best fly fishing photography, film and video. We hope the layout, content and navigation to meet and exceed your expectations. While they may not have long articles on fly tying or casting, they will show, via dynamic and creative photography, the beautiful and exciting sport of fly fishing and expose the places, the people, the culture and the soul of this world wide activity.

Todd Moen Creative

Todd Moen is the Video Editor and Producer of the above, Catch Magazine

Todd Moen Fly Fishing Video Website

Todd’s known as The Official Journal of Fly Fishing Photography and Film. Moen began his career combining fly fishing and film at and early age. He then sharpened his skills by traveling the globe to film for ESPN, CBS and OLN. Now he focuses his talents on Catch, in its third successful season.

Moen’s signature video style is his pursuit for the unique natural shots on the water, crafted with an original twist he’s learned via his passion for art and music.

Hywel Morgan Blogs From The Bank

TV presenter, World Champion Fly Caster and Coach.

Hywel Morgan Fly Fishing Blog

Flyfishing is one of the most enjoyable ways to appreciate the countryside and escape the stresses and strains of everyday life. It can also be the most frustrating of pastimes with many people taking a long time to master the techniques needed to catch the elusive trout.

Hywel’s blog is highly enjoyable with regular updates of where he’s been teaching, who he’s been teaching and what fish he’s been catching.

The Fly Commission

Described as a semi-fish bum with a full time job!

Fly Commission Fly Fishing Blog

Scott describes himself as “Basically a semi fish bum, I say semi as I unfortunately still have to do other things than fish but I do manage to squeeze in a hell of a lot of fishing!” For me it’s a fly game, up till now trout has been my quarry but I am broadening horizons looking for Pike and other predatory species.

Stay tuned for a lot more species on the fly!

Chuck and Duck

Top competitor at World, International and Commonwealth level.

Chuck N Duck Fly Fishing Blog

Seans blog offers the fly fishing community impressive fly fishing techniques and fly patterns. Fishing around the UK and Europe with some of the best river and lake fishermen Sean has gathered a wealth of knowledge in both disciplines.

Sean Says – ‘After seeing all these blogs pop up, I took it upon myself to join the crowd. My blog allows me to reflect upon my fishing day, offer first hand advice and technique.’

The Enigmatic Angler

Why ‘The Enigmatic Angler?’ 

Alun Rees Fly Fishing Blog

Well it’s always puzzled me that despite all the hobbies and pastimes I’ve had, engaged in them full of enthusiasm, the majority have fallen by the wayside. My passion for fishing however, as time’s gone on, has just gotten stronger and stronger! Weird or what?

Alun hopes that his blog gives you an insight into his personality and his passion for fly fishing. Take a read, you won’t be disappointed with the content!

Tightlines with Sion

International fly angler who loves all aspects of fly fishing.

Tight Lines with Sion Fly Fishing Blog

It has only been the last year or so Sion Lewis has started river angling, but boy, there’s no stopping him! Blogging from the South Wales area fish are not safe in any river, stream or lake!

Being an accomplished pike angler, netting fish to over 30 pounds, Sion lets out the secret for pike and grayling in Wales. Also a neat fly tier he’s trying his hand at some salmon and sea trout flies.

Small Stream Addicts

A trout blog from somewhere on the hillside…

Small Stream Addicts Fly Fishing Blog

A Small Stream Addict! Can you think of a better way to spend the evening? Clambering over rocks, throwing your dry fly into likely looking spots only to be engulfed by a wild stream trout?! Heaven. Dan is the only angler I know who can get away with being in the stream every night when the weathers fine. Sharing effective fly patterns, Dan shows us how to catch many weary trouts.

Adventures of an Eclectic Angler

An Eclectic Angler looking for a fishy fix.

Eclectic Angler Fly Fishing BlogFishing all over the UK, Dan blogs about his weekly fishing outings – venturing from the freestone rivers of South Wales to the winding chalkstreams of Hampshire, he most enjoys slipping the net under hopefully large grayling and trout. Don’t we all?

Blogging has taught him a lot, fishing with fellow bloggers learning new techniques and swapping flies. I couldn’t think of a better way to learn.

Derbyshire on the Fly

Blogging from the Derbyshire countryside.

Derbyshire On The Fly Fishing Blog

Mick Martin is an accomplished angler, offering guiding services alongside his wealth of readily available fishing knowledge found on his fly fishing blog.

Fishing in some of the most beautiful countryside, Mick is lucky enough to have the Derbyshire Wye on his doorstep and is fortunate enough to know how to fish it! If you’re after a guide, or just a good read, check out his blog, especially his recent fishing blog ‘Wrestlemania! Colin vs Trugg’

Brooks and Becks

Fly Fishing north Yorkshire…

Brook and Becks Fly Fishing Blog

A blog about Fly fishing the Rivers and Becks In that wonderful flat vale trapped between the sea in the east, the North Yorkshire moors to the North, The Yorkshire wolds to the south and the rolling Howardian hills to the west…

The rivers Rye and Dove and the becks that run into them and the river Ure just to the west.. There will also be a bit of coarse fishing and general grumbling thrown in…

Hillend Dabbler

A fanatical fly tier and fly angler

Hill End Dabbler Fly Fishing Blog

Allan created this blog as a means to share his ever growing love of the outdoors in particular, his passion for angling. living just a stone throw away from the banks of the North Calder Water it was silly for him not to become a member of Airdrie & District Angling Club.

Fishing Hillend Loch at least three times a week during the course of the season, many great fish are caught and blogged about. One of the best fly pattern blogs!

Stan Headly Guiding to Trout Heaven

Scottish fly angler and guide.

Stan Headly Fly Fishing Blog

Being a game angler all my life and a professional angler and guide since 1980 (31 years). I have guided anglers throughout the UK and Ireland, but primarily for wild trout in the Scottish mainland and islands, catching some fine specimens if I say so myself.

Stans blog gives a great review of his fishing/guiding outings in the highlands of Scotland, take a look, you may even be tempted to book a day or two with Stan.

Flies and Stuff

A creative fly tier and enthusiastic angler.

Flies And Stuff Fly Fishing Blog

Keith Wallingtion is one of the most creative tiers i’ve come across. Incorporating his ideas into fish catching flies, Keith has created a range of flies which spook anglers but entice fish and fish.

He says “Over the past 4 years I have moved from tying and fishing super realistic patterns to the challenge of developing highly realistic fishing flies that can be tied in less than 10 minutes.”

River Fly Fishing Diary

A river fishing blog from a normal, everyday angler.

River Fly Fishing Blog

River Fly Fishing Diary is run by enthusiastic angler Alan Ward.  At home fishing rivers or streams for trout and grayling, Alan puts his favourite fly patterns and newly aquired techniques to the test.

Picking grayling of between the pockets of weed on the french leader, or targeting them with dry fly, Alan fishes and reports from some of the most beautiful rivers in the UK.


Top youth angler and Captain of the Welsh fishing team.

Stockie Bashers Fly Fishing Blog

Lewis is one of the up and coming fly anglers in Wales. He has represented Wales at the highest level possible at International and World level.  Fishing the rivers and lakes of south Wales he leaves his mark on many fish through the valleys and is feared by many who step into a boat with him.

His competition spirit is high and he’s become a well respected angler. At the age of just 13.. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

Small Stream Brown Trout Fishing

Fishing journal, diary and reports.

Small Stream Brown Trout Fishing Blog

The Small Stream Brown Trout fishing blog is an accumulation of fishing reports, tackle reviews and fishy tails from the banks of the river.

Run by angler, Richard Barrett, who describes the picturesque rivers and streams he’s lucky enough to fish which are full of wild brown trout, a fish which is hugely respected and hunted (released) all around the UK.

Chasing Salmon

Chasing Salmon with a fly rod…

Paul Bullimore Fly Fishing Blog

A passionate countryman with a love for all things fishy and a real passion for the environment. Paul primarily loves to fish for Salmon and Sea Trout but also likes to do a bit of Sea fishing. But his love of salmon cannot be changed.

All of adventures are shared with beautiful Black Lab Poppy. Follow Pauls blog to get the latest in salmon fishing flies, fishing techniques and tackle talk.

I Fly Fish

Competition fly angler and river purist.

I Fly Fish Fishing Blog

Lindsey has built the IFlyFish site so that he can share with fellow anglers and fly tiers some of his most productive tips and experiences that he’s learnt, borrowed and stole from others whilst he’s been out on the water.

Lindsey fishes for the extremely successful ‘soldier palmers’  and has a wealth of experience on the midland reservoirs as well as rivers.

A spoonful of Fly Fishing

Twice England Rivers Eliminator Champion.

A Spoon Full Of Fly Fishing Blog

Terry has already proved himself on the competition circuit, winning his first England eliminator and securing his place in the England Rivers fly fishing team. But more recently, he’s won it again!

Also a frequent writer for Total Flyfisher magazine, his river angling and knowledge for both trout and grayling is of the highest calibre.. Take a look at Terries blog for his favourite fly patterns and methods.

Theo Pike

A personal blog other from the site.

Theo Pike Fishing Blog is Theo’s personal blog which has been running longer than his urabntrout. net site.

It’s not so urban-fishing related, but there’ll still be plenty of gritty urban stuff which to any fly fisher who’s remotely interested in river restoration becomes an interesting past time. Theo loves the area he fishes and wishes more anglers take care of where they fish.

Urban Trout

Catching trout in dirty places.

Trout In Dirty Places Fishing Blog

Theo’s Urban trout blog is a continuity blog for his recently- published book ‘Trout in Dirty Places’ – Inevitably this was a snapshot of the development of the urban river restoration and fly- fishing movement up to  the end of 2011 when the book went off to press, so he’s planning to track many of the continuing stories on this blog…

This blog is a firm favourite among our Fishtec Staff.

Finally Fishing 

Ramblings from the Wye and other Mid-Wales Rivers.

Finally Fishing Blog

Here you’ll find the ramblings of a man addicted to fly fishing. A happy man once ‘Finally Fishing’. Craig will tell you about his fishing experiences, mainly on the River Wye and River Irfon but throughout Wales when the opportunity presents itself.

Now a keen fly dresser, im sure we’ll see more of Craigs tout and grayling creations once he’s put them to the test and the verdicts out from the Trout.

The Eden Angler

A keen Wild Brown Trout and Grayling Angler 

The Eden Angler Fly Fishing Blog

A fisherman for about forty five years and a fly fisher for nearly forty years.

Wild Brown Trout and Grayling are my quarry and keen angler of the rivers of the Eden Valley in Cumbria (Northern England) and the northern lakes (mainly Ullswater and Haweswater) at every opportunity.

Also Geoff loves to take anglers afloat and help them get into their first few fish. Check out his blog…

Down By The River

Lee Evan’s fishing obsession, written Down By the River.

Down By The River Fly Fishing Blog

I decided to write a blog to document my fly fishing experiences, share useful information and (hopefully) make some people smile.

As an addict, I compulsively pursue brown trout, salmon, sewin, grayling and occasionally saltwater species (mainly in Wales). I intend to diarise these fishing trips, but will also include some successful fly patterns..

Lucky Greens

A fortunate, well mannered angler who does catch the big ones!

Mike Green Fishing Blog

Mike Green is a very fortunate guy, you know. More or less a full time fisherman, retired from the optician business Mike spends most of his time on the water chasing pike with the fly or fishing somewhere warm.

Fishing for almost anything that swims, Lucky Greens blog covers most aspects of fishing and is a heaven for the multi-disciplined angler.

Salmon Fishing Ireland

A Salmon fishing blog from Ireland.

Slamon Fishing Blog

Keep up to date with any salmon fishing updates on Salmon Fishing Irelands blog.

Featuring everything from videos tutorials, water heights and fishing clothing, Paul Hanleys fishing blog will keep your salmon fishing needs entertained when you can’t make it to the bank.

Salmon are funny creatures, Paul seems to have them cracked to a tee and his blog is well worth following!

TB Fly Fishing UK

An up and coming youth fly angler.

Tom Bainbridge Fly Fishing Blog

Tom Bainbridges’ fly fishing blog, TB Fly Fishing, a recent start up blog, has already attracted a lot of interest.

Tom’s recent success on qualifying for the Airflo Bank Masters Final means that he has the chance of competing for one of the UK’s most prestigious fishing titles. Im sure we’ll see alot more of this angler in the near future.

Follow Toms fly fishing career here!

Fish Pal

Book your fishing anywhere in the world, from one place.

Fish pal Fishing Blog

Fish Pal offer five unique services for anglers to find and book fishing all over the world, check the latest catches on their regularly updated ‘catches section’ and see water levels with the added bonus of impartial advice for any angler looking to find the perfect fishing spot.

The Fish Pal blog offers the angler the chance to catch up on whats happening at the FishPal HQ and offers you the opportunity to get a peek at new services to come.

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