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Here is a list of Carp and Coarse fishing blogs we recommend, from the biggest of carp to the smallest of rudd, these are sure to whet your appetite. If we have missed your blog, or any others you follow, please let us know and we’ll do our best to keep it up to date. Email – kieron@bvg
At the beginning of this year I decided to upgrade some of my fishing gear. First on the list was some kind of new shelter. For the last 6 years I’ve been using a JRC Stealth Brolly for most of my fishing. It has been a brilliant shelter and I’ve certainly no complaints with my brolly, when the time comes I fully intend to buy another but for now I’ve relegated my Stealth Brolly to day only sessions where I might need to move quickly. I wanted a replacement that gave me a bit more cover than a brolly but still maintained the option of moving quickly. I didn’t want to spend a stupid amount of money on a top of the range bivvy either, I found what I was looking for in the shape of the Trakker A-Lite Bivvy….
Take a look at the Angling Lines blog to find many interesting and useful hints and tips videos to see you through a tough days carp fishing. These videos show everything from how to choose the correct bait too which rig will help you catch more carp. The blog has a regular post count with mostly videos ‘how to guide’ showing great tutorials.
Heres a great 33lb common carp caught by customer Gavin Mcmillan while on a trip to Bluebells notoriously difficult Kingfisher lake. The fish was landed using the ever popular Chod rig. There are plenty more fishy related stories throughout the blog, also some good reviews of new products. Keep up to date with this blog!
This weekends session on Thorney Weir whilst a blank was interesting as it did prove a point in that you can fish bread in Arma Mesh and get it to last over night. Gone are the days that you would have to re cast every 30 mins if you had bread on the hook. Gone also is the notion that you can’t fish bread at distance. I put a 3oz lead well in excess of 100 yards and the meshed bread was perfectly fine.
My latest booking saw Northern lad, Mark Carrick, turn up for ten day’s fishing at Sierra Brava. I enjoy taking single bookings, and as it turned out, Mark had booked a single person trip for very personal reasons that he told me once we arrived back at my base. Read on to see how the spectacular trip turned out!
I, like many anglers, think a virgin landing net is unlucky (we’re a superstitious bunch). The first thing I did as soon as I reached the river was to dunk the net, and the next fish caught was going to be landed in it – even if it was a baby gudgeon! Pike Fly Fishing Association is a club which is solely dedicated to fly fishing for pike. The cover a wide range of fisheries, searching for the biggest of pike to be targeted with fly. One of the most interesting features I’ve personally read is the features they do each year on LOM The Lake of Mentieth. Need some ideas from patterns to tie for pike? Take a look at the ever growing fly database PFFA have going.
He’s from a thawing cave in Scotland – and we sincerely hope that this fishing and fly tying fanatic is back on the bank.  Reading his blog it looks like the ice has been driving him crazy.  But, looking on the bright side, he says: “Not being able to fish means I’ve got a chance to go though some of my flies and retire some of the catcher flies that are now a little past it.”  Good use of time during a big freeze.  Summer’s on its way!
Bamboo rods…old time , old skool relics to some. For me it’s just another level of enjoyment to take esox on. I’ll be out this week trying to put ole Esox Niger on the wood. I will be tossin a 6-7wt 3 piece south bend rod. Top that with a old click and pawl and some feathered flies gramp’s would have tossed it’s on. Here is a pic from last years vintage venture…..Enjoy and tight Lines!!!
In came the rig and I shaved the boilie down to its core. Back in position I waited, tense and expectant. There it was again, that little tester. I relayed the event to Neil who opined that it was suspicious because mine was the only bait object that was neither a whole boilie or a flake of crumb. I simply pulled a foot or two of line off the reel to give it some slack to play with. It worked.
I got it in my head that I would like to fish 2 small Midlands rivers in one day.  It seemed like an excellent idea at the time and was definitely more economical but the reality of such an exercise is pretty exhausting. Of course some would say the more economical thing to do would be to just fish local rivers but I do love the challenge of a venue that I am unfamiliar with.  The 2  rivers in question are 2.5 hrs away from home but only a few miles apart;  I wanted to catch first light at river A and then fish until late afternoon if necessary then catch the evening into darkness at river B.
And now to offer a little encouragement to someone who has not posted for a little while but who should because we like reading his work.  The Preston based blogger loves a fry up, as he puts it, “Just for a change on our way fishing we stopped off at a cafe and had a full English breakfast. What a good idea that was, as it was absolutely fabulous. Now that’s the way to start a days fishing if there ever was one.”  We quite agree – and the 16lb 4 oz Pike wasn’t bad either!

 Fishing Pro Tips
Fishing Pro Tips is set up to be a great resource for anglers starting or struggling to get to grips with things. This site give useful help, hints and tips to the anglers far and wide. Jamie G Allan says ‘Fishing Pro Tips is a blog offering advice about all aspects of course fishing in the UK. There will be advice on general course fishing, match fishing and specimen fishing. I also hope to create a detailed venue guide where you can contribute to share tips and advice’ Keep an eye out for the new posts and interesting tips!

The River Angler
The River Angler is run and updated by Nathan Walter, a keen coarse angler who loves to venture onto rivers to tease and lure some of it’s inhabitants. ‘The three musketeers arrived at the Kennet Tuesday afternoon full of anticipation.  We have found it tough going so far this season.  In 8 sessions I have only managed 5 barbel and lost 4.  Geoff and Kevin have taken 5 between them.  So not the best of starts.’  (posted Aug 11 2011) A pretty hard start to the season there Nathan, check his blog out to see if things got any better

My Quest for Barbel
Richard says ‘I will be updating my blog when I have something to report like where I fished today and a report that will follow it. Review something I have brought recently, or a new rig I have used to good effect. I will be keeping you updated with my testing of new rigs (although I want to do some fishing first) I am working on to help you and I catch more Barbel, this will include all pics and diagrams for such things. This will give you the opportunity to test yourself and give negative or positive feedback it’s all welcome’ Considering the blog is fairly new, it’s had some good reviews and hits! Must be a good blog in the making, let us know what you think!
This week the blog’s email address went into overdrive with numerous readers contacting me with regards all things to do with fishing and I would just like to take the opportunity to again thank all these people for taking the time and effort to email me, it really is great to hear from readers of the blog on their thoughts of the blog and any questions they have on the fishing I do.  These nice emails about the blog and helping people with their questions are something I really enjoy and look forward too come a Sunday afternoon and thank you all again and as I said on all my emails let me know how you are getting on its always great to hear about other peoples fishing adventures!!
I’ve always been an angler and after moving to West Yorkshire from South Wales I wanted to discover what the county had to offer in the way of rivers, lakes and ponds. When fishing in South Wales I often fished in club and winter league matches, however moving up north has presented me with new challenges, venues and angling clubs that I need to acquaint myself with.
I started fishing aged 10 and soon got involved in fishing junior matches mostly on Ilminster Canal and the River Isle. Barney Crockett and Adrian Green took me under their wing and I started fishing further afield to places like the KSD and the Huntspill. I’ve fished every Sunday ever since and occasionally in the week too! I mainly fish club matches with the odd open. My preference is natural venues but I don’t mind having the odd bash on carp puddles either. Biggest UK fish – 28lb 4oz common carp caught at Chard Resi. Biggest fish – 260lb Arapaima caught at Gillhams Resort in Thailand. Biggest match weight – 121lb 4oz of carp and skimmers at Coking Farm.


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