Meet The Footballers That Fish

Well, the Euro’s are over, and the ball kicking season has yet to begin… So what do footballer’s actually do in their down time? The answer is fish. And when they retire, they just carry on fishing…  In this blog we take a look at some well known footy stars who simply love bending a rod.

David Beckham – This picture surfaced on Beck’s Instagram recently. Already known for dabbling in sea and coarse fishing, It seems Beckham has turned his attention to the noble art of fly fishing – Icelandic Salmon in fact! Sporting a nice pair of Simms G3 Guide waders, clearly the man appreciates quality fishing tackle. Not sure about the gloves though…


Cristiano Ronaldo – Loved by Portugal and Real Madrid fans. Loathed by literally everyone else. It seems Cris’ enjoys his down time on a boat in search of big game, as his tweet reveals! Hailing from Madeira, well known as the sport fish capital of the world, it’s no wonder Ronaldo likes to target hard fighting game species such as marlin, wahoo and giant bluefin tuna when on his home turf. With prices starting from £1000 a day, deep sea sport fishing is very much a rich man’s game; chump change for Ron though…

Image posted on twitter by Cristiano Ronaldo: Love to fish. Have you ever tried it?

Robin Van Persie – Another deep sea rod dangler, Van Persie is known to tangle with sharks on a regular basis, plus sword and sailfish of epic proportions. Looking at these pics, the Dutchman sure knows how to reel them in. A deep sea fishing duel with Ronaldo? We would pay to see that one!

John Terry – Loves to get his hands dirty – by touching carp. The former England captain enjoys fishing so much he built a heavily stocked lake in the grounds of his mansion. The massive lake was carefully custom designed by John to be the perfect back yard fishery – every anglers dream!

David Seaman – He might have flapped at “that” Ronaldinho free kick, but generally, Seaman’s safe hands mean he will probably never drop a fish, no matter how much it wriggles. From fly to coarse fishing Dave has been doing it for years and clearly loves the sport. A legend in the goal mouth and the river mouth. Top angler!

Gazza – World cup and Toon Legend Paul Gascoigne clearly loves his fishing, especially with the fly rod. For Gazza fishing is a way you can heal yourself, and the world. Remember the infamous Raoul Moat stand off? Gazza turned up with a few tinnies, some chicken, a fly fishing rod and a ‘dressing goon’. He still fishes in it today.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Swedish super star Ibrahimovic may consider himself the son of God, and refer to himself in the third person – a lot. He might say: ”Zlatan catches bigger fish than anyone, Zlatan will catch fish anywhere, even a puddle” etc. etc.  But looking at this Facebook picture, he actually does! From the looks of it Zlatan has all the gear – and the idea. A decent boat, well organised fishing kit, and the correct ‘grin and grip’ photo technique with this pike. He obviously knows what he is doing on the lake. A move to to Manchester United should be a great chance for him to up his fishing catches – the Lake District Isn’t that far away, and it’s literally teeming with pike.

zlatan Pike

Lee Bowyer – The legendary trouble making ex Leeds, West Ham and Newcastle midfielder has a serious passion for carp angling. So much so, that he now runs his own carp lake in the tranquil French countryside. Best place for him to be fair; should keep him out of trouble with the boys in blue. If you do visit the venue, whatever you do, don’t catch a bigger fish than him!


Vinnnie Jones – On the theme of football hard nuts, none come bigger than ex Wimbledon headcase Vinnie Jones. A lifelong hardcore angler, Vinnie has been as far afield as Outer Mongolia in search of the mighty Taimen. Closer to home, Scottish salmon and coarse fishing on Hampshire’s bucolic chalk streams float his boat. Fishing.. it’s been emotional.

Neil Ruddock – Footie hard-man no.3. (Think we have a pattern emerging here.) Neil ‘The Razor’ Ruddock is an angler to the core. From big carp to sea side ray’s alike, The Razor can catch almost anything with fins. A recent competitor on ‘The Big Fish off’ show with Korda and ITV, this man is a proper fishing machine.

Sergio Aguero – From the Patagonian wilds of Argentina, Aguero reportedly enjoys his fishing, after taking it up during an injury break. His homeland has some of the best sea trout fishing in the world, but while he is on UK soil, a trip to Blackpool beach is apparently enough to satisfy his fishing urges. Unfortunately we could not actually find a picture of him fishing, but the Photoshop job doing the rounds online should give you an idea…