Luring a Pike..

I’ve been fishing now for longer than I can remember and still get excited when fishing on new waters.. The water im fishing this weekend is the Mid Kent Fisheries Lake the Conningbrook, noted mainly for its rock hard Carp fishing. Anglers who have wet a line there believe the late holds the British record carp, Two Tone. As well as some superb carp there are also some impressive pike in there too, that’s what’s on my agenda.

The weather that day was a cool 6 degrees c with a westerly wind and a pressure of 1004 mb so I decided to fish with the wind on my back. I set up my 3Ib Tc Delta XS rod (which by the way is great for general pike fishing) and coupled it with my V8 reels with 15Ib main line.

The rigs I kept fairly simple, a running ledger with a 2oz lead on one rod and a standard float setup on the other both with 7 Strand Drennan size 6 snap tackle. For bait I decided to give them two options, either a mackerel tale on the ledger or a small roach on the float which I think is a good starting point if you’re on a new lake. Fishing tackle set up and ready to go I cast my rigs out around 60yrds and waited, and waited, before I knew it 2 hours had already gone so I decided a move was needed and settled on a swim on the opposite side of the lake. With the baits in I again waited and thought to myself, this isn’t any good and thought about my options.

What interests me is how the fry try to leap free of the water – as I looked up a spray of fry hit the surface about 30yrds in front of me. I took off the lead and fished the sink and draw method with the roach. Three casts later and nothing and to be honest  I was getting pretty tired but on the fourth cast just as the bait was nearing the bank I felt a slight pull on the line and without hesitation I struck. CRASH out jumps this scatty little pike and tears away thinking he was bigger than he was and soon gave up and was in the net. At 5Ib 7oz it’s not the biggest pike I’ve had but boy was it welcome all the same and with only minutes to spare.

So looking back on the day I’ve concluded on three matters

1 – No matter how bad it looks keep trying and keep changing, it can and will pay off in the end

2 – With the bite mark on the fish it would appear there are bigger fish in the lake

3 – I’ll try popped up bait next time as the weed can be a real problem

I’ll keep going for that bigger one throughout winter!

Till the next time tight lines and best fishes

Scott Cordingley