Low Rivers and High Spirits!


Now when it comes to fishing over the summer months, personally nothing can beat catching a large WBT on a dry fly.  However, of late, with the weather being so hot my clubs stretch of the River Wye (and Irfon for that matter) has been running very low meaning the WBT is in short supply!

Every year, the water from the Elan Valley Dam is released into the rivers.  This year it was very welcome.  Despite the amount of water being released, the river level only rose by a couple of centimeters.  The release water did have another effect however, dropping the water temperature by 3 degrees.

Because of the drop in temperature, we have seen a lot of fish moving into the shallower warmer waters of the Irfon – Bigger Chub mainly. Unfortunately, the water is so clear that these fish are very difficult to target with the fly as the fish spook very easily.  An afternoon with some luncheon meat may be in order.

This drop in the river temperature, the low water level and the bright sunshine has seen my hunt for WBT hit a bit of a lull – despite all my best efforts!

An afternoon on the Wye with my new Airflo Super-Dri Elite tried to put paid to the lack of Trout.  It was very hot but there was also a strong wind running up river.  I crossed the Wye to one of my favourite spots, ‘The Island’.  By crossing the river I was now able to fish with the wind blowing left to right, much easier given im right handed.

I started off fishing a light brown sedge, a fly that I’ve had luck with recently on the top. With

no luck and given how choppy the water had become I once again opted for my favourite method – the duo.

I tied an Olive CDC on a top dropper with a size 16 PTN with a gold bead on the point.  The PTN has caught me a lot of fish lately and is nearly always the fly I start with on the point of a Duo cast.

After a few casts towards some sporadic rises I had no luck.  Then, when fishing towards ‘The Steps’ my dry shot under the water.  The take was instantly registered given I was using my Super-Dri line, I must be honest and say it’s probably the best floating line I have ever used. There’s always speculation on buying a new fly line, but, i wouldn’t hesitate to get another one of these. Anyways,  I was into a fish, a small OOS Grayling quickly returned without any need for much revival.

Next cast I landed another small Grayling.  A couple of fish later and I bent into a better fish, in the clear water I could see the fish holding in the current with its gorgeous dorsal fin up making the fish feel even bigger than it was. I eventually netted the fish and took a quick picture before the fish bolted back into the deeper darker water not before soaking me with a very powerful tail flick on the surface.

I fished for 2 hours in to total and caught 8 Grayling.  The only WBT I saw was the one that jumped right in front of me, if I held my net out I probably could have caught it!

So recently, the fishing has been good despite the fact im not actually catching the species im targeting.  However, im not going to complain too much, I just love catching fish!