Learn to fly fish in less than 30 minutes

Perfecting the art of fly fishing takes years of practice, patience and determination. For those of us with years of experience, it’s easy to forget that we were beginners ourselves many moons ago.

Fly fishing skills were once passed down from one generation to the next. Now, this knowledge is freely available online.

Totalling 27 minutes and 8 seconds, the six videos below make a great introduction to fly fishing. From setting up fly reels to tying a simple fly, here is our crash course in fly fishing.

Choosing the right equipment

Start your foray into fly fishing by kitting yourself out with the right tackle.

How to set up a fly reel

This might be a long video, but it is very thorough. You can’t catch any fish without first setting up your reel.

How to cast a fly rod

The next step is learning how to cast your fly rod.

How to tie a simple ‘Bloodworm’ fly

Fly tying is a craft that many fly fishermen enjoy. The joy of landing a fish is even greater when you’ve made the fly yourself.

How to improve your casting distance

After learning how to cast, you’ll be keen to practice and improve your technique.

How to target big fish

Now you’re ready to go after the biggest fish in the lake. Impress your friends and beat your own records by targeting a whopper!

Once you’ve mastered the basics, these fly fishing tutorials will help you to improve and perfect your fly fishing techniques.