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I took my first trip to Draycote since the reopen earlier this year. I heard it had been fishing extremely well with some very big fish being caught and vast numbers by some. It’s not very often I get leisure fishing these days but this was a rare trip of this nature with my dad and a few friends including the father in law.

The wind plagued us as we set up our fishing rods, so I opted for my #8 Enigma and matching 3foot #8 clear tip fly line. I wanted to use a #5 or #6 outfit but you need this stronger tackle to ensure you get a good back cast in to this gusty wind. My aim was to simply enjoy this rare occasion and fish nymphs and buzzers all day.

I have witnessed hundreds of anglers who dont seem to understand the word static when fishing buzzers. I set up with a team of my new ‘Fish Finder’ buzzers and cast them across the wind to the 10 o’clock position and simply held my line tight with no retrieve initially. Once the buzzers settled i would do a very slow long pull and pause for 20 seconds before repeating with zero retrieve in between. I watched as my fellow anglers, with the exception of my boat partner, constantly insist on slowly figure of 8’ing their buzzers to no avail. This lift and drop method of buzzer fishing is simply devastating, try it!!

Fighting Rainbows
My partner and I landed 33 fish up to near 6lb and I challenge any lake to match these Draycote fish for a pound for pound fight. Several times the fish took me to my backing despite my competitive instincts to get them to the boat as soon as possible. I was using 10lb G3 fluorocarbon and my #8 Enigma rod but still couldnt turn these incredibly fit fish. The average fish was well over 3lb so use a minimum of 8lb fluorocarbon but dont be afraid to use 10lb as I did.

Mini Tip

I highly recommend the Airflo mini tip fly line when buzzer or nymph fishing of any sort. After many years of experimenting with short sink tips there is no doubt -I miss far less fish with the Airflo mini tip against any floating line when fishing this method.

Far less ‘nips’ and ‘bumps’ but just solid lock-ups! A floating line has it’s place when the fish are higher in the water and you are fishing closer to the boat where you can watch the tip of the fly line move but for distance or deep nymphing I would use nothing else other than the Airflo Mini Tip.

Fly Pack Recommendations

Stealth Buzzers
Black Buzzers
Diawl Bachs

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