Iain Barr February fly fishing Blog

With December frozen out and me suffering with swine flu, it was good to get out in January for some well deserved fly fishing.

I headed for Palm Springs salmon fishery, where salmon up to 40lb are swimming about! I tackled up with my #8 enigma and a Di7 #8 Airflo 40+ Expert fly line. With Salmon of such colossal weight, I fished 15lb SightFree fluorocarbon.

The order of the day was to fish deep and slow as the lake was still half covered with ice. Several early takes were missed until a lively grilse-like salmon grabbed hold! After a short fight it was landed, giving the rod a good bend in the process.

I was there with Sky Sports and had promised them a 30lb+ Salmon but things were not looking good. I constantly swapped patterns but I couldn’t find a rhythm, and concluded that over 2 weeks of solid ice had affected.

I had done the closing shot with Sky and they started packing up before heading back down the A1. I could see this big fish cruising just a few feet down. Now, it’s important to be able to cast quick and accurate, and the Enigma fly rod allows me to just do that. This ability of the rod is why it’s my first choice; I can hit fish instantly with precision.

The fly had just landed when the water erupted and the fish was hooked. A 30 minute fight followed before the fish I had promised the cameras was landed, a 33lb pure bar of silver! It’s fair to say the rod was doubled over, but what an enjoyable fight!

Iain Barr February recommended fly sets:- Small Water Selection; UV Dancers; Essential Boobys; Stealth Buzzers #12