Left to Right/Right to Left hand wind conversion

Ever struggle with having to use your fly reel on the wrong side of your rod? Winding with the wrong hand can become uncomfortable and cause lost fish but can be changed very easily.

A lot of people have trouble in converting their fishing reel from left to right hand wind (or vice versa).

One problem with changing the drag direction is that not all fishing reels are the same! There are many different ways reel manufacturers and suppliers use to reverse the drag.

Thankfully most Airflo fishing reels work on the same principle, but some fishing tackle companies use a variety of methods depending on price.

Tim Hughes our Product/Marketing Director has put together a series of video clips explaining how to change the drag direction of the top selling reels.

Here’s some of the most popular:

Find out how to change the drag / wind direction for more reels on the Fishtec YouTube channel.

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