Fishing Waders – Which ones?

Wherever you plan on fishing, keeping dry and warm is the main goal, other than catching fish of course. Choosing a style of fishing waders to do this, can be a challenge, and where do you start? Below is a guide of how to choose the right waders.

Chest waders cover your legs, chest and back and are held up by suspenders. They look similar to bib and brace overalls and allow you more flexibility when fishing rivers and streams.

Bootfoot fishing waders come with the boots permanently attached to the wader, making them quicker and easier to put on. They are also excellent whilst coldwater fishing, as extra space inside the boot provides air pockets that warm up with body heat and keep your feet warm in cold water.

Stockingfoot waders have fitted feet to the bottom of the wader, usually made from neoprene or rubber. With all Stockingfoot fishing waders its necessary that you have to purchase wading boots. The main advantage of stockingfoot waders is that you can buy wading boots to fit your exact size. A big plus if your doing a lot of hiking!

Traditional neoprene fishing waders come in thicknesses from 3mm to 5mm. Neoprene is a close-fitting, waterproof wetsuit material that is excellend for the cold conditions of late autumn, winter and early spring. It is resistant to tears from fly hooks, thorns and brush, and is easily repaired if torn.

Nylon fishing waders offer a great, inexpensive alternative to both breathable and neoprene waders and are generally hard wearing. Nylon waders are great for someone coming into the sport who will not be using the waders as extensively as others.

Breathable waders are manufactured from the same material as breathable clothing but in a heavier fabric. The added advantage of breathable waders are that they can easily be rolled up into a rucksack for extended trips. Breathable fishing waders are ideal for summer months and with the correct layering system they can be used right through the colder winter months too.

Hip, or thigh waders are the cooler, more lightweight of the lot and can be easily packed into storage bags. Also available in neoprene, these waders are great for short trips abroad or just for keeping the mud off on the bank.


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