Fishing Tackle – Is it Terminal?

Coarse fishing, be it on a pond, lake or river the most important fishing gear you have is your terminal tackle. You could spend hundreds of pounds on a fishing rods and reels, most fishing rods these days are able to handle the biggest of fish, providing you have the correct test curve and length. Invest only in quality fishing tackle, poor quality terminal tackle could lose you the fish of a lifetime.

Main Line: Any good quality floating line will suffice. Something like Mono or Co-polymer that has floating properties. Fluorocarbon is heavy, so it sinks making it harder to lift of the water to strike or slightly move your float. Tip – You can always add some grease (Vaseline/Gink) or floatant spray to your line to make it float better. Breaking strains vary depending on the style of the river your fishing conditions, if it’s very snaggy or has heavily overgrown banks, le lighter tipper wont suffice. Generally speaking for chub, I would suggest around 5-6lb breaking strain lines. You always have the option of using a lighter hook length if the fishing is proving to be slow.

Hooks: A good quality hook should always be used and should suit the bait you intend using. It is obviously no good using a 10 or 12 hook if maggots are the bait of choice. Always try and balance your hook size to suit the bait. If using maggots, go for a 14, 16 or 18. You may even wish to use hooks to nylon for a lighter hook length. However, I generally find this unnecessary. Bread flake can be used with anything from a size 4 upwards. Select carefully, judging by the size of fish your going to catch!

Split shot: Try and buy a good quality split shot. They can damage fishing lines especially in lower breaking strains, so attach with care. If you need to move the shot up or down the line, make sure it has been opened sufficiently so as not to cause any damage. During a fight with a decent chub, your line will be under immense pressure and any weakness caused by line damage will result in a break off. Tip – A good idea is to thread some micro tubing onto the line and attach the split shot to this. However careful attachment of shot will generally not prove to be problematic.

Floats: Float selection can vary greatly. There are many varieties that suit this method from chubber floats, balsa trotters, Avons and sticks. Each has its own merits but my preference is for the balsa trotters and the short stubby chubbers.

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