How To Guides

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced fisherman, you’ll find loads of helpful advice and useful tips in this ‘How-to’ section. With articles by experts like Dom Garnett, Dave Lane and Alan Yates, this fantastic resource will help you improve your fishing skills, and set you up for your best catches yet.

All Fishing

All the basics are covered here, from rods and reels to spools and clothing. Dom Garnett’s helpful Beginners Guide to Fishing Rods takes the confusion out of choosing the right rod for you. Whether you’re looking for specialist equipment for coarse fishing, or a rod which is a good all-rounder, you’ll find this article full of handy information. It’s not just equipment that you need to consider. The right clothes are important too. ‘Choosing the right Fishing Clothing’ is full of practical tips about what to wear so that you stay warm and dry.

Carp Fishing

Zigs, Rigs, Bivvies and Maggots are all covered in this section. Plus, expert Dave Lane de-mystifies that old fishing chestnut, Spodding, and shows you practical ways in which you can improve your carp fishing. Whether you’re selecting the right bait or making sure your shelter is up to scratch, this section’s a real go-to resource for the improving carper.

Coarse Fishing

With coarse fishing being so popular, you’d expect this section to be full of great resources and you won’t be disappointed. If you’re after advice on which pole to use, you’ll find that in our ‘Fishing Pole Guide’. Or, if you’re preparing mashed bread for chub fishing, there are practical tips on this – and more on how to make your angling more successful. Also, coarse fishing expert, Dave Burr discusses the best rig for catching barbel and explains why it’s important not to use your carp tackle.

Fly fishing

Hooked on fly-fishing and like nothing better than a wade in the water? Our post on which fishing waders to wear will be right up your stream. And if you can never work out whether you’re tying Booby Eyes or a Diawl Bach, or if you’re Czech Nymphing properly, then let fly fishing expert Keiron Jenkins be your guide.

Sea Fishing

There’s nothing like a life on the ocean wave, and our how to guide on sea fishing covers everything from dealing with crabs and choosing a beachcaster rod to the helpful Common Sea Angling Questions guide.. Experienced Sea Fisherman, Alan Yates,shares loads of tips on how to safely remove those deeply lodged hooks, along with a word or two about what to do if your finger gets in the way of a sharp barb.

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