11 Goriest Fishing Injuries

The calm and tranquil settings, the peace and quiet, the feeling of being at one with nature … ahhh, fishing is a beautiful hobby. Finding your spot, casting your fly line and hearing a horrific cry of pain as you hook somebody’s eyeball. Ouch.

Eyeball-hooking does happen, along with all manner of other nasty injuries, from being bitten by aggressive fish to nasty infected toe stubs – fishing can be a brutal hobby. Just look at this gore-fest for proof.

fish hook in eye

Image source: Anglerwise
That hook’s an eye sore!

fish hook in eyelid

Image source: Outdoor Life
Eye piercings have never been fashionable, pal.

fishing injury - another hooked eye

Image source:Eye Eye Sir (tumblr)
Eye piercings have never been fashionable, pal.

fish hook in finger

Image source:Flickr
Just put a plaster on it.

another hooked finger

Image source:Flickr
Just a nip, but tricky to remove.

fish hook in top lip

Image source:Fishcrack
An inch lower and this guy’s lips would have been sealed.

hook a foot

Image source:Sportsfish
Fishing in flip-flops isn’t advised.

a nasty split toe from a fishing injury

Image source:Fly fishing newbie
Nasty fishing-related toe stub.

infected ankle from barnacle injury

Image source:Louisiana Sportsman
After scraping his ankle on barnacles, this man contracted the Vibrio Vulnificus infection – very nasty indeed and sometimes fatal.

fishing spear through buttock

Image source:Deeperblue
Hmm… no caption could do this image justice.

fishing spear through shoulder

Image source:Speardiver
Spearfishing with friends has its drawbacks.