Get your girl hooked on fishing tackle

You help with the hoovering, do the washing up, and just as your partner begins to look suspicious – come clean that you were hoping to slip out for an hour or two fishing. If only you could introduce your loved one to the joys of the sport then you could both go. Just think – you need never feel guilty about fishing again – but how to go about it? Below are a few of our tip tips to luring a lady into picking up a rod.

1. Whatever you do – avoid poking fun at her.

Make fun of your lady and that will be the last time you ever manage to convince her to come fishing with you. If she screams when she catches her first fish, if she won’t take the fish off the hook or if she cries when you quickly dispatch her catch. Be a man – take these things in your stride and reassure her of how happy your are that she’s there with you.

2. Step in and help a little.
It takes time to pick up the skills to become an expert angler. You can’t expect your wife or girlfriend to be able to do everything for themselves straight away. So show a little patience and enjoy the process of passing on your skills. She’s not the only one who will gain a sense of satisfaction when she learns to tie her own knots – so will you.

3. Be encouraging.
But whatever you do – don’t be patronising! You know how tricky it is playing a fish on light tackle – you have to be gentle. Adopt the same approach with your other half – don’t get frustrated if they get their line in a hopeless tangle – everyone has to learn. Be supportive and don’t get jealous when after showing her everything you know, she suddenly starts out fishing you!

4. Make a big deal of that first fish.

Everyone remembers their first fish – so when your partner catches hers, make an occasion of it. Even if she screams and refuses to touch it – even is it’s just a tiddler. Make sure you take a photo for the album. Above all make sure she knows just how proud you are of her because you want that fish to be the first of many – not the first and last.

5. Keep it simple.
Your girlfriend asks you about fishing lures and pleased that she’s showing an interest, you launch into a lecture lasting three hours and forty five minutes. Don’t do it she’ll nod off after five minutes and never come fishing with you again. Answer your loved one’s questions but be brief and informative – and then talk about something else.

6. Catch and release.
If you’ve been fishing for a while then most likely you’ll be completely comfortable with dispatching your catch. But your partner may never have witnessed the killing of a living creature. So either adopt a catch and release policy until she’s happy to let you kill for the pot – or at least be discreet and warn her so that she can turn away if she wants to.

7. Let her choose her own lure.
She might listen to your advice or she might just go for the pink ones – let her decide which lure to use. Choosing your tackle is part of the enjoyment of fishing – and part of the learning process too. We all need to learn from our own mistakes so don’t wade in with too much advice. Less is sometimes more.

8. Keep an eye on your spending.
Fishing tackle costs money – and if you’re a big spender, it’s probably not wise to let your other half see just how much money goes on fishing tackle. To avoid recriminations be moderate in your spending habits and be sure to treat her too – but don’t whatever you do buy her bait for her birthday!

9. Go on a double fishing date.
Why not team up with a fishing buddy and get him to bring his wife or girlfriend too. It will make for a really good day out. Take a picnic and don’t spend the whole time talking fishing with your mate – include the ladies too and be prepared to chat about other topics. Bear in mind that you’re trying to show that fishing is sociable and fun so if it starts to rain or the girls get cold be cheerful about packing up your fishing gear and head off to the nearest pub.

10. A word about boats.
If you decide to take the lady in your life deep sea fishing – stop – think – does the boat have ‘facilities’? You may be able to pee over the side but she can’t!