Freaks in fishing clothing

Now we’re not saying fishing clothing is the attire of choice for all psycho freaks — oh no. We just couldn’t help but noticing:

Trigger-happy Walter

walter sobchak fishing vest

Fishing clothing with a military feel

If you’ve had the pleasure to watch The Big Lebowski, then you’ll be mighty familiar with Vietnam veteran — ‘My buddies died face down in the mud’ — Walter Sobchak, who wears that fishing webbing like a true fisherman. “Hey dude, lets go fishing.”

Randle McMurphy

cuckoos nest fishing clothing

Going nuts for fishing

For our next stop, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest  provides us with a mental asylum full of psychos. Led by Randle McMurphy, this merry band of nutters loves getting into fishing gear.


deliverance fishing hat

Fishing hats make you look fearless

‘You’re not from around this parts are you, boy?’ If that line is spoken through rotting teeth and spoken in a Southern twang and he’s wearing a sun hat used for fishing … you’re up psycho creek without a paddle.

Steve Irwin

steve irwin fishing

Always ready to go fishing… for crocodiles

King of the loony jungle and Australia’s very own Tarzan, Steve Irwin’s best mates were crocodiles, snakes and anything else that had sharp teeth. Always dressed for a spot of fishing too — rest in peace, Steve.

The (ex) Mayor of LA


All action Arnie loves his fishing gear

He’s got more guns and muscles than the military, and owns catchphrases more wooden than a pine forest. Arnold ‘governor’ Schwarzenegger is so gunned, America gave him the whole of California to rule rather than say, ‘No, you’re an Austrian bodybuilder’. He loves fishing webbing by the way.


Bono loves fishing glasses

Bono loves fishing glasses
Source: Shutterstock

Nobody wears fishing sunglasses all the time — unless they’re hiding something. Freak.

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