Very foreign fishing clothing

Deciding what to wear for a fishing trip may be a fairly straightforward choice: dress for the weather and choose practical, quick-drying clothes.

But when you’re packing for a little angling abroad, there are more possibilities for exotic fishing clothing than you might think.

It’s not just about donning gloves in Greenland or shorts in the Seychelles – think a little outside the box and you could easily add a little local colour to your attire.


Bride fishing

American fishing clothing

Just because it’s your wedding day, doesn’t mean you haven’t got time for some fishing, so if you’re going to America to tie the knot, be sure to take your fishing tackle with you. And don’t let your clothing hold you back – as this bride from New Jersey demonstrates, you really can fish wearing anything. We just hope she didn’t rent that dress.


Chinese fishing clothing

Chinese fishing clothing
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Fishing with domesticated cormorants is an ancient tradition in Southern China. These fishermen wear straw coats, bamboo hats and a bird on each shoulder.


scottish fishing clothing

Scottish fishing clothing

Why not fish the Tweed in tweeds? A traditional country suit can be both warm and hard-wearing, and if you’ve never fished in a tie before you might just be tempted to try it. Tuck the trousers into your wellies and protect your head with a cap, and you’ll be fishing Scottish style in no time.


Vietnamese fishing clothing

Vietnamese fishing clothing

There are plenty of opportunities to go fly fishing in South East Asia and, although you may not be familiar with Vietnamese fishing techniques, why not take a leaf out the locals’ book and put on a nón lá? This is the pointed hat made from straw, and it’s perfect for keeping you cool while you fish.

North Pole

Father Christmas fishing clothing

Father Christmas fishing clothing

OK, a fishing trip to the North Pole is probably unrealistic, and it certainly wouldn’t look like this. But you never know, if you make it there, you might just find Santa.

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