Fly of the Week – Zig Bug

Fly of the week | Zig Bug

Zig bugs have been the downfall for many carp over the last few months, specifically designed to look like natural insects or bugs, these flies have the power to seduce carp from almost any lake. Tied to represent beetles, grasshoppers, tadpoles and more, you won’t use anything more realistic than a zig bug. The Zig Rig – which this fly is fished on – lets the angler set the depth very accurately, putting the fly exactly where they want, hopefully in front of feeding fish.

Tying a zig bug couldn’t be simpler, simply take a hook which will withstand the pressure from a large carp, here I have used a Kamasan B980 size 6 as it has a large gape and a very strong hold. Run a layer of thread down the hook to create a solid thread platform, a strong thread is recommended for pulling down onto the foam back.

Take a booby eye cylinder and cut at a 45 degree angle from the one edge, creating a tapered cut along the length of the tube. Tie the the ‘shallow’ side ensuring to securely trap the edge under the thread.

For the body I have used Small Crystal Hackle, remove some excess fibers to reveal a bare core and tie in at the back end of the hook. Run the thread back towards the eye of the hook and form the body. Wind the fritz along the length of the body, here I have doubles back over the fritz to give it more volume. Tie in and cut off when you’re happy with the mass.

Pull the foam back over the fly towards the eye and simply tie in where you’re happy. Cut the excess foam into a ball shape so it resembles a beetle more closely. Whip finish the thread off and the fly is now fishable.

Written by Kieron Jenkins

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