Fly of the Week – Red Holographic Stripped Quill Buzzer

Fly Of The Week - Super Glue BuzzerSuper glue buzzers are probably the most used flies in the UK, especially start of the season where midge pupa are in abundance in cold, silty waters. Bloodworm are a staple part of a fishes diet, expect anything from carp to trout to pick up a bloodworm pattern! This weeks fly of the week is the Red Holographic Stripped Quill Buzzer, coated with super glue to give it durability and add small amounts of weight. A good representation of the bloodworm, ideal for the point of a two or three fly cast.

Select an appropriate hook – Here I have chosen to tie this fly on a Barbless Fulling Mill Grip Gape hooks, size 10. Run one layer of thread down the hook shank and stop just short of the extreme bend on the hook. This gives the fly a great shape, almost as if it’s moving.

Take a length of stripped quill, I prefer to strip my own using my thumb and forefinger. Attach this to the bend of the hook with as few turns as possible and then wind in the medium red holographic. Take this to the thorax of the fly in touching turns, tie in and rib with evenly separated turns of the stripped quill. Getting the quill to sit at the bend of the hook on top of the holographic can be tricky, have some patients and get it sitting right (it took me three attempts!).

Tie off the stripped quill and build a neat tapered thorax to form the head of the fly. Take two Flu Orange goose biots for wing buds and latch in the fine ends to the bottom of the thorax at each side of the hook. Making sure the tips of the biots are covered, take your thread to the top of the hook and sit behind the eye. Pull each goose biot up and over the eye in a diagonal position, tie in and whip finish.

Glueing the fly

Simply take your bonding agent, my favourite recently has been the Airflo Stic-IT anglers super glue. A handy little tub of super strength glue with a fine point nozzle to get into those tough creases. Layer a small amount of glue down the body and over the thorax and take your needle to disperse evenly. Once the whole body is covered leave to dry and repeat the process as many times as possible.

Fly Tying Material List for the Red Holo Stripped Quill Buzzer.

Hook: Fulling Mull Grip Gape Barbless Size 10
Thread: Black UTC 70
Body: Red Holographic
Rib: Stripped Peacock Quill
Thorax: Black Thread
Cheeks: Orange Goose Biot
Coating: Airflo Stic-IT Anglers Super Glue

Written by Kieron Jenkins

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