Fly of the Week – Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Jig

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The hot spot pheasant tail is a basic but very effective pattern, it can be tied in a variety of colours which makes this pattern extremely versatile on both rivers and lakes. This jig  is a favourite amongst river anglers for stocked fish or whilst the water is up and dirty. Effectively fished on the point of a two fly cast, this fly brings attraction and sheer confidence to a team of flies.

Attach a tungsten bead to one of the New size 12 Fulling Mill Force Jig hook with a slotted 3.3 mm tungsten bead. Run a layer of black thread to the base of the hook and strip 4/5 fibres of red game hackle from the stalk and tie in. Vary the length depending on the hook size and attach a length of gold wire for the rib.

Create a layer of thread to which the pheasant tail body can lay on and attach 3/4 strands of pheasant to the back of the hook. Take the thread to a safe position behind the bead and in touching turns, run the body material towards the bead. Once your happy with the length of the body tie in and cut off, securing with open turns of the gold wire.

Whip finish and cut the thread from the hook and attach a floss type material – here I’ve used Glo-Bright No5 – and secure just behind the bead. Create a thorax from the floss with multiple turns of thread just behind the bead. Whip finish and tie off, securing with varnish.

Tying Materials

Hook: Fulling Mill Force Jig Hook Size 12
Bead: Slotted 3.5mm Gold Tungsten Bead
Thread: Brown UTC 70 Denier
Tail: Red Game Cock Hackle
Rib: Gold Wire
Body: Pheasant Tail
Hotspot: Glo Bright No5

Written by Kieron Jenkins

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