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The Hot Spot Pheasant tail is a great pattern for both river or lake. This pattern was originally designed by Frank Swayer and has evolved from his original swayer nymph. The hot spot gives the fish a trigger point in clear water and also adds to its visibility in coloured water. Picked out the thorax could look like legs and would represent most insects that inhabit the lake or river bed.

Thread a bead onto a strong hook, here I have used a kamasan hook B175 size 12 with a 3mm gold bead. Tungsten beads are a great addition to a river nymph.

Run a layer of white UTC thread down the hook until opposite the barb. Take six or seven strands of pheasant tail fibres and attach to the back of the hook. Measure the length accordingly to the hook shank and wind the thread over the hook and excess pheasant tail to just over half of the way back to the eye, leaving the excess PT out the front, this will become the thorax cover.

Attach a length of gold wire to the hook and run the thread down to the back of the hook. Again, attach another four or five strands of pheasant tail to the hook, this time in reverse to form the body. Tying in tip first means that you create a tapered effect on the body as the pheasant is wound towards the eye. Wind the body up in touching turns and, tie off just in front of the thorax cover. Wind the rib in the opposite direction to secure the body and tie off.

Twist a piece of orange antrondubbing onto the thread, creating a rope around an inch in length. Wind the dubbing onto the thorax towards the eye and pull the thorax cover over the thorax. Simple secure with a few wraps of thread and tie off.

Hot spot pheasant tail tying materials

Hooks: Kamasan 175 size 10
Bead: 3mm Gold Bead
Thread: White UTC 70 denier
Tail: Pheasant tail
Rib: Gold Wire
Body: Pheasant Tail
Thorax Cover: Pheasant Tail
Thorax: Orange Antron Dub

Written by Kieron Jenkins

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