Fly of the Week – Holographic Cormorant

Fly of the Week - Holographic CormorantThe cormorant is a fly which is growing in popularity on the still-water scene, being a great alternative to a nymph when the water is murky or wind is high and keeping in control with your flies is hard. The cormorant offers great movement to a team of flies which are fished slow, or a perfect middle dropper between two colourful blobs or boobies. The aim of this fly is to entice fish to take be it from movement or suppleness on a three fly cast.

Set your hook into the vice, here I have used a Kamasan B175 size 10 but often substitute this for a lighter gauge wire for fish feeding higher in the water. Run a layer of black UTC thread down the hook and stop opposite the barb.

The body on this fly can be substituted for almost anything, I prefer peacock herl as it’s subtle and gives a great colour, a bronzy sheen in the water. Holographic tinsel, thread or flex-floss are also a good mix. Latch in two strands of peacock herl to the hook, breaking the more brittle tips and tying in the stronger parts of the herl. Attach a length of holographic tinsel for the rib and wind the peacock herl up the body in touching turns. Wind the tinsel through the herl in the opposite direction and tie off at the head, leaving enough room to tie in the wing.

Peal a length of marabou from the stalk, cutting away the waste and removing the ‘fluffyness’ from the thick end but gently pulling them away. This reveals the stalk of the herls and makes a much neater and easier tying platform. Pinch and loop the thread over the end of the marabou and secure in.

Take two orange goose biots and cute the tips to create a solid edge. Line them up over the top of the hook and push down each side, this will hopefully manoeuvre them into place each side of the hook, positioned at a slight angle across the wing and body. Trim the waste from the front of the hook and create a neat head. Whip finish and the fly is complete.

Material List – Holographic Cormorant

Hook: Kamasan b175 size 10-14
Thread: Black UTC 70
Body: Peacock Herl
Rib: Holographic Silver Tinsel
Wing: Black Marabou
Cheeks: Orange Goose Biots

Written by Kieron Jenkins

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Kieron Jenkins

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Born and raised on the rivers and lakes of south Wales, Kieron Jenkins won his first cap at the age of nine, fishing for the Welsh Youth International team. He has gone on to prove himself as one of the leading competition anglers of his generation, both on the river and also the stillwater scene. Specialising in nymph and dry fly fishing in the small streams and larger, freestone rivers of South Wales, he’s also a highly respected and innovative fly tier. Kieron regularly contributes quality features to online and printed game fishing publications. When he’s not fly fishing, kieron is digital marketing manager at Fulling Mill.

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  1. A nice tie Kieron. As with most Cormorants, this is a fish taker too. I use the mirage cormorant that Gareth told me about and that is superb.

    Thanks for adding the film.

    Best regards


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