Fly of the Week – Chain Eye Cats Whisker

Fly Of The Week - Chain Eye Cats Whisker
Ever wondered how to tie the Chain Eyed Cats Whisker, one of the deadliest patterns on the fly fishing scene since anglers ever cast a line? Have a look at our fly of the week. Designed to catch recently introduced stocked fish, this pattern has proven its effectiveness time and time again. This, however, is a ‘new age’ variation which incorporates some up to date material and additional movement.

Start off by attaching a long shank hook into the vice. Here I have used one of the Fulling Mill range of hooks, the special nymph, size 8. Lay two or three short layers of thread at the head of the hook, this will act as a platform to tie the chain eyes on to. Offer the chain eyes to the hook and tie in with strong thread. Figure of eight your thread around the eyes making sure they are tied in securely, add a dab of super glue if you need too, here I’ve used the new Airflo Stic-IT Anglers Glue.

Once you’re happy with the eyes take the thread to the bottom of the hook, just opposite the barb and peal off a decent amount of white marabou. Cut the waste from the ends and thin out. Tie this onto the hook and secure in place. Tare the ends of the marabou to desired length and then add some additional flash. Two strands of pearl crinkle flash.

For the body I’ve chosen the Flybox Crystal Hackle in Chartreuse. This adds volume and movement to the fly. Simply attach the end to the back of the hook and wind in touching turns – pulling the fibres back each time – towards to head of the hook. Secure in with one or two turns of thread and attach the Flexi Floss legs.

Tying Materials for the Chain Eyed Cat

Hook: Fulling Mill Nymph Special Size 8
Thread: Orange UTC 140
Eyes: Gold Chair Eyes
Glue: Airflo Stic-IT Anglers Super Glue
Tail: White Marabou
Flash: Crinkle Flash
Body: Chartreuse Crystal Hackle
Legs: Chartreuse Flexi Floss