Fly of the week – Simple Bloodworm Pattern

The bloodworm pattern is an imitation of the common chironomid midge or buzzer. The bloodworm is the early stage of a chironomids life, the lava. Bloodworm tend to spend the majority of their life living in soft mud or silt, when they’re active, the fish simply cant resist them! Silt is usually located at the deepest part of the lake around weed and reeds or in bays which are generally sheltered from prevailing winds. Locating these areas should provide the angler with great fly fishing early on in the season when fish are feeding close to the bottom.

Tying Instructions

Fasten a tungsten or gold bead to a strong, heavy gauge hook. Here I’ve used a Kamasan B110 hook, along with a veniard 3mm gold bead. A 3mm bead will fit either a size 10 or 12 hook perfectly.

Latch the thread onto the hook, building up a wall of thread behind the bead to stop it sliding down the hook whilst tying. Red UTC thread is ideal for this pattern, the multi stranded fine denier thread lies flat and evenly spreads when tying key materials to the hook. Wind the thread in touching turns down the body to opposite the barb, stopping here will leave plenty of room for the body.

Attaching a tail which will entice fish when the fly is falling or holding near the bottom, in theory, should increase catch rate. The tail on this bloodworm pattern is twisted flexi floss, to achieve this, hold a piece of red flexi floss three inches apart, and roll between your thumb and forefinger in opposite directions. After enough rolling the flexi floss will then fold in the middle and twist around each other creating a loop. Create the tail about the same length as the body. Secure in place with two to three thread wraps and then continue up the body, pulling the flexi floss over the back and trapping in with spaced even turns of thread, creating a ribbed effect over the floss/shellback. As you reach the bead, leave a few millimetres free and cut off the flexi floss.

Tie over the cut off from the flexi floss and create a short inch long rope of florescent red seals fur to create the thorax. Keep the rope quite loose so it can be pulled out with your dubbing brush for movement. Tie towards the eye whip finish and varnish – The fly is ready to go!

 Material List

Hook: Kamasan B110 Size 10
Bead: Veniards Gold Bead 3mm
Thread: UTC Red 70 Denier
Tail: Twisted Red Flexifloss
Body: Red thread
Shellback Cover: Red Flexifloss
Rib: Red thread
Thorax: Red Seal Fur

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Written by Kieron Jenkins

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