Fly of the Week | Black & Red Nobbler

Fly Of The Week | Black and Red Nobbler
The Nobbler consist of a thick, long marabou tail with a dual coloured body. The contrasting colours in the body make a great aiming point and the colours can be varied to fish for stockies or grown on fish. With black and red as below, or black/white and green being firm favourites amongst the angling community. A leaded body also makes the fly work well in the water, giving the tail a very enticing ‘wiggle’.

Securely attach a Kamasan B175 Hook size 8 hook into the vice and run a layer of thread down the hook, touching turns, so that a layer of lead can sit securely on the hook. Wrap the hook in a layer of medium lead, leaving enough room at the eye and bend to tie in and off tail and body materials.

Tare two or three inches of marabou from the stalk of a feather and trim the waste. Pull the excess/waste herls from the stalk as shown in the video clip and securely tie onto the top of the hook. Pinch the tail at your required length.

Take a length of black glo-brite chenille and pull the fibre away from the core at the end you want to tie in. This make sure the body is kept slim and the chenille is tied in tightly. Short (5mm) fritz is also a good substitute to chenille and can be varied with colours such as pearl and gold mixture, the fritz world is your oyster. Wind the body material towards the eye stopping clear two or three turns from the eye. Again, remove the fibre from another length of chenille to use for the head. Tie in and wrap towards the eye in ‘bulked’ turns at the head to create a bump, tie off and the fly is complete.

A simple but yet very effective lure.

Black and Red Nobbler Tying Materials

Hook: Kamasan b175 size 8-12
Thread: Black UTC 70
Under-body: Lead Wire
Tail: Black marabou
Body: Black Chenille
Head: Red Chenille

Written by Kieron Jenkins

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