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The black and green gold lure is the ultimate stocky fly, catching a number of ‘best fish’ and winning many Trout Masters competitions. The combination of a drab, subtle but yet very bold colour mixed with a vibrant attractor seems to more often than not sway the trout into taking. Take a look at the tying video below to learn how to tie the Gold Head Black and Green Lure.

A fly such as the above is usually used on small waters where large fish are frequently caught. A strong hook is a MUST when fishing these so I opted for the Kamasan B175 in a size 8, to get the length and size of the fly. Thread a 3.3mm gold bead onto the hook and run a layer of orange UTC thread down the hook and build up a layer of thread behind the eye.

Tare about an inch of marabou off the stalk and offer up to the hook. Cut away the waste from the bottom of the feather and offer the thickest part to the bend of the hook. Simple tie the marabou in on the top side of the hook and cover in a couple of layers of thread, this gives an even tying platform for the body. You should practice this on most flies not just lures.

Once you are happy with the thread under body, attach a length of fritz to the hook. Here I have used chartreuse coloured original vampire fritz. Attach it to the hook with the majority of fibres facing backwards. This makes it easier to wind the fritz and gives a much better overall look. Wind the fritz towards the eye of the hook ensuring that after each turn you pull the fibres back, giving it that sleek look. Tie the fritz off just behind the back of the bead and whip finish the tying thread off.

Black and Green lure tying materials

Hook: Kamasan b175 Size 8
Thread: Fl.Orange 140 UTC
Bead: 3.4mm Gold Head
Tail: Black Marabou
Body: Chartreuse 15mm Fritz

Written by Kieron Jenkins

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