Fly line lightning

Fly fishing is a peaceful pastime, and inspires many idyllic images.

The rush of the river flow, the whirring fly reel and the subtle splash of a water’s surface broken. These serene fly fishing sounds are enhanced by the natural magnificence of the surrounding scenery.

But with a flick of the wrist, fly lines etch lightning flashes across these tranquil snapshots.

fly line

Flaming fly lines
Source: Trek Earth

fly fishing

Hooked a mountain?
Source: Circumerro Stock

fly line mountains

Fly casting across mountains
Source: Kaufmann Streamborn

Dam fly fishing

Dam fly fishing
Source: Jason Barnett Photography

cowboy fly fishing

Fly fishing cowboy style
Source: Echo Valley Ranch

tight fly lines

Not so tight lines
Source: Steve Shupe

lightning fly lines

Lightning fly line
Source: Tyle_r

fly line splash

Flick, flash, splash
Source: Cameron Miller/Deneki

roll fly cast

Rolling thunder cast and lightning flash of line
Source: Charlie Kindel

Fly fishing Project Healing Waters

Fly fishing with Project Healing Waters
Source: Project Healing Waters/Flickr

lake fly fishing

Cracking cast
Source: Halle

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