Fly Fishing the Wye & Usk passport waters

It’s not all fun and games working at Fishtec you know. A lot of the time after a long days work, your forced to go fishing on some of the best waters the Wye & Usk foundation offers. The voucher beats of the Wye & Usk foundation require a number of vouchers to be used per person.

Ceri Thomas, Garret Cann and myself ventured to the Llynfi Dulais after work Monday evening, a small stream which runs through the heart of Talgarth.

We knew the fishing would be tough, the river was low, on it’s bones in fact but with plenty of fish to be spooked. Scrambling through the bush, we found the river, a beautiful and picturesque part of the Llynfi.

After studying the water for a few minutes, each pool seemed to be the same, a shallow back end, and a deep undercut along each meander in the river. Perfect. The temperature had gone, and the sun was descending and would see there was next to no fly hatching, probably a bit late in the day for a decent hatch.

We all opted for the nymph approach. Although fished differnt styles, each with a single fly. I was using the French Leader, Garret a short furled leader and Ceri, sighting the takes with his leader/fly line.  Our tackle choice for the night ranged from 8ft to 9ft rods, with 3-4# rating fly lines.

As Ceri had fished the river before, he volunteered to show us the ropes. Casting a fair line upstream, where you can, and staying relatively low seemed to be the key as the river was so low and clear.

We fished pool for pool, standing well back and observing the angler fishing.  We were all keen to find and fool some of the rivers inhabitants, Ceri had fished through the first pool with no luck, although we did see a few fish that we spooked darting about the pool. It was a good sign, they where there, just had to get ’em out.

Walking around the corner, we could hear the light tumble of water, the sound of a nice run was in the air. Ceri fished to the top of the pool in the above photo and we notices a small but tasty looking run. I started to fish it with the French leader, watching the nymph sink into the hold and from no where a fish darted and grabbed the size 19 nymph. Fin perfect.

The fish by now in that pool where very unsettled, darting back an forth, the result of being spooked I guess. so we made our way up through the next few pools with no success. It was down to Garret, he posed as he changed his fly.


The river was looking in great condition, although low, there wasn’t much weed or algae build up, which showed the river was full of life and oxygen. There were thousands of water boatmen on the surface. I’ve always wondered why fish don’t take them?

The short fly rods we took seemed to be the right choice, some of the pool where ‘hairy’ to fish to say the least with overhanging trees ready to jump out and claim your flies as you cast, short tippets and stealthy ‘catapult’ casting normally allowed for accurate shots between the brush.

A (not so) little surprise for me, a minnow, nearly the same size of some of the trout we were getting.


Ceri with the biggest and last fish of the day, a cracker.

As the light was fading, and lost sight of our leaders we decided to call it a day and head back to the car. After a great nights fishing we were already planning our next trip out on the Passport waters. For more information take a look at the Wye & Usk foundation website, or the W&U passport booklet.


Written by Kieron Jenkins

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Kieron Jenkins

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Born and raised on the rivers and lakes of south Wales, Kieron Jenkins won his first cap at the age of nine, fishing for the Welsh Youth International team. He has gone on to prove himself as one of the leading competition anglers of his generation, both on the river and also the stillwater scene. Specialising in nymph and dry fly fishing in the small streams and larger, freestone rivers of South Wales, he’s also a highly respected and innovative fly tier. Kieron regularly contributes quality features to online and printed game fishing publications. When he’s not fly fishing, kieron is digital marketing manager at Fulling Mill.

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