Fly Fishing in Cuba – Cayo Coco

Sometimes fishing can take you to places you’d never thought imaginable and will allow you to catch species of fish which you only saw on TV. Cuba can offer a great fishing experience for a very reasonable price and offering an amazing fishing experience.

Fly fishing for such fish can prove challenging, but with the correct fly fishing tackle, these prehistoric looking creatures can be tamed but only with the utmost respect and persuasion.

Below are a few pictures from Airflo employee, Marketing Director, Tim Hughes’s most recent trip to Cayo Coco. (click images to enlarge)

2 thoughts on “Fly Fishing in Cuba – Cayo Coco

  1. Thanks for posting this article. I’m off to Cuba in Late November/ early December for my 50th. A very opportune time to read up and get sorted for the trip of a lifetime.

    Excellent heads up!

    Best regards


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