Costa Del More? The World most expensive sunglasses?

Fly fishing glasses are a must have… But must you have pockets deeper than the Grand Canyon for these?!

Forget the well-known, tried and tested names in the fly fishing eyewear world such as Costa Del Mar, Smith Optics and Bolle – what you need is a £26,000 pair of sunglasses from Bentley!

The Bentley Eyewear collection has been developed by Estede of Austria, working closely with Bentley’s design team at Crewe. The range consists of a limited edition, high-end range of sunglasses and prescription frames featuring the famous winged emblematic ‘B’.

Each individually numbered pair of frames is offered in a Bentley leather presentation box finished in a colour of your choice. But what sets the Bentley Eyewear collection apart is the use of precious metals and innovative surface treatments, including silver palladium, 18 carat rose and white gold, and platinum.

All polarised lenses will easily cut through the surface glare, some better than others, but I guess its essential to have these for searching out the flats for finning Bonefish or Permit. Im sure you wouldn’t want to wear these glasses in a less prestigious area? I’d certainly recommend a glasses boom or especially a floating retainer!