Spend a fly fishing fortune

If you won the lottery – what would you spend the money on?

For all those fly fishing fanatics out there, with mountains of money, here’s a worthy fly fishing wishlist:

A fishing lodge

River shack for fly fishing

The perfect fly fishing lodge?

We live in tough economic times so you won’t be hard pushed to find a country pile up for sale – but one close to the river bank? How about Oakley Farmhouse in Romsey? A snip at £2.2million, it’s built right on the bank of the famous River Test. It boasts 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a barn, workshop and tennis court. There are extensive lawns too – so plenty of space to practise your cast. Anyone for croquet?

Reel-y expensive

Hardy fishing reels

Top quality Hardy fishing reels

With all your new found wealth, you’re bound to want to own the most finely crafted of fly reels. Take the Hardy Zane Ti saltwater fly fishing reel. Made from solid Titanium – it takes six days to machine a single unit. The price for this ultimate reel – £5,500.

Retro reel

old fishing reel

Traditional multiplying winch

For those who like their fishing gear to have a certain patination, you could do worse than to purchase a Ustonson Original Multiplying Winch. Dating back to 1762 this is the ancestor to the modern multiplier reel. It has been described by collectors as the ‘Holy grail’ of fishing reels. One came up for sale last year but owing to the current economic climate failed to make its reserve. Perhaps you could put in an offer – the asking price – £30,000.

Worth its weight in gold?

fly fishing rod

A classic bamboo fishing rod

To go with your new reel, you’ll want a rod that’s worthy of it. May we recommend a creation by one Lyle Linden Dickerson? Working in Michigan from the early 1930s until his sudden death in 1985. He was something of a loner, but gained an international reputation as one of the finest workers of split bamboo in the cane fishing rod fraternity. These days a Dickerson will set you back more than $5000. We found one example, the Dickerson 661510 one of two made and the only one known to exist – the price tag – $17,500.

The right attire

Tweed fishing outfit

Gentlemen fishing in Tweed

With your new found wealth, you’ll want to fit in with the country elite. We suggest you head down to Savile row, where a suit can set you back at least a couple of thousand pounds. But since money is no object, we’re sure you’ll spend more than that on a roll of tweed at the gentleman’s outfitters.

Time for a holiday

fly fishing

Take a fly fishing holiday

After all that shopping you’ll probably be ready for a holiday. But where should one go with the world’s most incredible fly fishing destinations at your disposal? To ease yourself in gently, how about Sweden’s Gaula Flaskholen, one of the finest Atlantic Salmon rivers in the world? It’s only £3500 a week so you could stay as long as you like!

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  1. In a holiday it is necessary that you want to plan somewhere so its good when you selecting the fish lodge.

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