Fly Fishing for dreams

Each time your out on a lake your mind never lets up, always thinking or dreaming about what is actually underneath you.  It’s not often you net what actually is! Most of the time the ones you dream about shy away at the last second and watch them swim back down into the depths with a few swear words. Wonder if they ever hear us?

It’s always something special to see a fish over about 6-7lb especially in great condition. Not that many are caught on conventional methods… such as dry flies or buzzers, with a few exceptions of course. Most large fish which are caught fly fishing are fished for using fish like patterns, which represents their primary food source. Fish don’t get big by eating just insects…

A recent trip to Draycote water with a few ospreys club members wasn’t an easy day by any means, with most of the 14 boys returning to the jetty with a dreaded blank. The best bag between us being just 3 fish.

Matthew Griffiths, a member of the Gold winning spring welsh team in the Orkney Islands landed 2 fish for around 15lb! His total weight was aided by this magnificent brown trout guestimated between 12-13lb and returned. (video of the fight to be uploaded soon) The fish is estimated to be around10 year old! Caught using an Airflo 40+ Di 7 Fly Line and a sparkler on a G-loomis fly rod.

I also had one of my best fish this season, no were near as big but probably one of the best looking rainbows I’ve had this year, A great way to end the lake fishing year


Written by Kieron Jenkins

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Kieron Jenkins

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Born and raised on the rivers and lakes of south Wales, Kieron Jenkins won his first cap at the age of nine, fishing for the Welsh Youth International team. He has gone on to prove himself as one of the leading competition anglers of his generation, both on the river and also the stillwater scene. Specialising in nymph and dry fly fishing in the small streams and larger, freestone rivers of South Wales, he’s also a highly respected and innovative fly tier. Kieron regularly contributes quality features to online and printed game fishing publications. When he’s not fly fishing, kieron is digital marketing manager at Fulling Mill.