Floatation Suits for Sea Fishing

…….How much is your life worth?

The NEW TF Gear floatation suits are now in stock and available here at Fishtec!

Constructed from the most durable and water replant material on the market, high visibility orange and reflective tape in case of emergences which are held together with top quality fittings throughout, the Wavehopper Floatation Suit range is the ultimate garment for safety and comfort whilst Sea Fishing. Both garments feature secure pockets a storm shield hood to keep spray and rain from your head, high thermal properties including thermal hand warmer pockets and both are CE certified! Never feel vulnerable on the water again. Each garment has been designed with the perfect angler cut, allowing maximum movement and freedom but ensuring warmth, dryness and safety.


The One Piece Wavehopper Inflatable Floatation Suit has been designed with full safety aspects of sea fishing in mind. Featuring everything possible that could save your life, this full piece garment is ideal for boat, shore or pier fishing. The one piece floatation suit is ideal for those freezing winter nights where the temperature can fall below zero in the blink of an eye. This garment will retain heat and make sure cold air doesn’t get close to the skin.

Available here: TF Gear WaveHopper Floatation 1 Piece suit


The Two Piece Wavehopper Inflatable Floatation Suit has been designed with all the same safety features as the one piece suit, offering everything possible that could save your life. The two piece floatation suit is suited more to the warmer seasonal days, where the temperature can rise and fall without notice. This garment will retain heat when worn fully, or allow air to circulate by removing the jacket when things start to head up.

Available here: TF Gear Two Piece Wavehopper Floatation Suit