Five top tips for Autumn Bass Fishing

Fishtec’s customer service man Ceri Owen looks at autumn fishing for Bass – a prime time of year to catch this species! His top five top Bass fishing tips are sure to bring you success when sea fishing this autumn.

5 Tips to help you catch more bass...

5 Tips to help you catch more bass…

Tip1. Look for high tides 9 meters and above (remember to know your mark well as safety is an issue). A high tide encourages Bass to enter the shore-line zone in search of food.

Tip 2.
Fish under cover of darkness, always a great leveller. Bass loose their caution and feed hard when the sun goes down.

Tip 3. Do not cast that far – usually just beyond the breakers will be far enough. Fish come in very close to where the tide is stirring up the sand.

Tip 4. Do not be afraid to use BIG baits – usually cocktail bait (worm, mackerel, squid) are a great combination.

Tip 5. Give bites time to develop as bass in shallow water can be very gentle with their take and even sit on a bait for a while. So after the initial bite don’t rush in and strike, let it develop slightly, as a Bass will quite often hit a bait, drop back and return just like it would when striking a prey fish.

Point 5 is exactly what happened when catching and landing the fish picture below, a good Welsh coast Bass of 7lbs.

A Welsh sea bass of around 7lb in weight

A Welsh sea bass of around 7lb in weight.

Another of 4lbs fell to same tactics well hooked and returned safely.

Remember if you are not catching do not be afraid to move spots and search for the Fish!

Good luck and I hope my top five Bass fishing tips help you catch more fish.

Ceri Owen.