Fishtec’s Top 8 Carp Fishing Facebook Pages

Facebook has grown massively in importance for the fishing world the past year or two. Pure ease of access means it’s now easier than ever to keep up with the latest fish catches, carp fishing tackle advances and expert tips. To help you narrow it down, we have short listed 8 carp fishing Facebook pages that are well worth a like, or a follow! In no particular order:

Carpolgy are at the forefront of modern carping. Appealing to the ultra modern Carp angler, on the bank with phone/tablet in hand, Carpology magazine keeps on serving up the very best articles on new and inventive cutting edge tactics, tackle tests, expert tips and progressive technology, from all of the ‘big’ names in the carp circuit on a consistent basis.
This page is well worth following- you will learn a lot of extremely useful stuff here!

Euro-Aqua lake
Euro-Aqua is a carp fishery in Hungary with the biggest carp in the world – FACT! Controversially, it’s been argued that these over sized, heavily fed carp somehow don’t count! But if it’s pure carp porn you want, this page is well worth a like – be prepared to be blown away on a regular basis by carp of 100lb plus. Dreaming of next years carp fishing week starts here….

Free Spirit Fishing

Free Spirit fishing make the finest carp fishing rods you will ever find. Quality is the watchword at Free Spirit, ensuring they have a fantastic reputation amongst dedicated carp and specimen anglers world wide.

Spearheaded by mad keen carper Pete Castle, the Free spirit Facebook page is a wonderful resource for carp anglers who appreciate the finer things in life. Here you can follow the Free spirit fishing team on their travels across Europe and beyond, putting their outstanding rods to the test. Along with lots of very useful product info, this page is also a great place to find and watch many of their fantastic carp fishing videos; including ‘The race’ – a carp fishing competition which took place across the Alps, on one of the most prolific big fish venues in Italy, Parco del Brenta.

The Carp Society
Based at one of our staff favourite carp fishing venues, The Horseshoe lake, Lechlade; the carp society was founded in 1981 to help promote and develop carp angling, which was in it’s infancy at that time. Fast forward 34 years, and you can keep in touch with the society good work and regular fish catches and reports from the Horseshoe on their great facebook page.

Total carp magazine

Whether it’s your first carp or your next carp Total Carp will help you catch it! In our book TC mag is still the best progressive carp publication out there. On this awesome page you will find lots of carpy features, product reviews, video clips and special offers, and what to expect in future issues.


Headed up by Danny Fairbrass and many other big name carp anglers, Korda produce ‘thinking tackle for carp anglers’, and it’s true – genuine innovation is always at the heart of Korda fishing products. This page is the perfect place to learn about rigs, and various other korda related news, developments and fish catches. If you love laying the traps, making rigs and learning new tactics then this page it is definitely worth a follow!

Mainline baits
We all have a personal list of top carp baits, but lets face it, the choice nowadays is so bewildering it could be almost anything. You can however bet your bottom dollar that a mainline bait will be one of them! The mainline facebook page has well over 100,000 likes for good reason – their bait catches carp! Visit the page to keep up with all the latest catches, new products, presentation tips and what bait is consistently bringing fish to the bank according to the season.

Girl Power carp
Now for something completely different – Girl Pooower carp! Chicks that fish, for carp! Not quite the same level as the infamous ‘babes calandar’ this French based page is far more classy. Featuring genuine ‘girl next door’ women anglers, with carp of all shapes and sizes, this page puts to bed the myth that Women don’t fish for carp. It’s well worth a like or two!